Tools to Check Internet Connection Speed - Upload and Download Speed Test

Last Updated:-May 22, 2010
Have you ever felt you are not getting the Internet speed promised by your ISP? If yes, you are not alone. Irrespective of the hard measures by Internet Service Provider, still many users don't receive the promised upload and download speed. It is true for various types of ISPs including Cable Net, DSL Broadband or Mobile Networks. However, we cannot blindly blame Service Providers because there are many factors affecting both upload speed and download speed on your device. In the case of 4G networks, data transfer speed varies with the total number of active users on the network at that time, the distance between you and the Mobile tower, quality of your handset, etc. In the case of Cable and DSL Broadband, the number of active users on the network in your region adversely affect the real Internet speed at the time. So it is better you don't blindly believe the claims of your service provider about their speed but you check it before choosing. You must check the actual upload and download speed at your location using internet speed testing tools before joining. This tutorial introduces some of the best free tools to accurately check your Internet Connection Speed.
    SpeedTest from Ookla is one of the most accurate free tools to check your Internet Connection speed. SpeedTest provides both browser-based and App based tools to check both upload speed and download speed on your device. Hassle free usage is another advantage. All you have to do is visit the link below.

  2. TRAI MySpeed
    TRAI, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is continuously testing the speed offered by Internet Service Providers in india and offers their Speed Test tools to Mobile subscribers in India. You can get it by visiting the link below.

  3. Bandwidth-Place - Internet Speed Test
    Another online Internet Speed Tester to find both your download speed and upload speed. To start Internet speed test, simply go to the link below and click on Start Test button.

  4. Speakeasy Speed Test
    Another Speed Test tool is Speakeasy. Visit the link below to start the test.

This is not the end of the list. There are many free tools available to check your actual download speed and upload speed. It is better you use one of them rather than the speed tester provided by your service provider.
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  1. How to install the sg tcp optimizer in a system?

  2. You can also use to test internet speed and check bandwidth, at free of cost. You just need to type speedtest: in the search box and click on the web search link.

  3. @ Rajesh

    You can download it and install on your computer directly. Plrase go through the post


    Thanks for your additional details. I will check it later.

  4. your blog is really good and informative.

  5. These test in terms of mbs (bits) not MBs (bytes). My connection is too fast for these to be useful.

  6. ScanMySpeed.com3:06 PM

    here the another tools for testing the internet speed in online < href=""> it free and check the download and upload speed of the internet.... link to test your upload speed is

  7. Amarish Singh3:16 PM

    Which is the fastest 4G Mobile network in chandigarh city ? Is is Reliance Jio or Airtel 4G ? Which tool you use on your Android Phone to Check 4G data transfer speed ?

  8. Janani3:31 PM

    Hey I am in Avadi Chennai, I like suggestions to change to a faster 4G network. Regularly traveling between Nungambakkam to Avadi. So need a connection fast in Avadi and Nungambakkam. Suggestions ?

  9. Hardika Shetty7:07 AM

    Where to check fastest 4G network in my area ? I am from Mulund West. Is Airtel good option ?

  10. Senthil8:11 AM

    Hai Janani I am from Perambur Chennai. I use Airtel 4G and it is fast.

  11. Balaji3:25 PM

    I am in Alwarpet - T nagar Chennai. Should I choose Reliance Jio or Airtel ? Which 4G network is faster in T nagar Chennai ?

  12. Tony Sebastian5:05 AM

    Hey I am setting up a startup in Technopark Trivandrum. Can you suggest me a best performing Internet Provider inside Technopark camps ? I am in Tejaswini building.


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