Freedom Mobile 4G LTE APN Settings For iPhone & Android 2024

Last Updated:-July 15, 2023

Freedom Mobile is one of the mobile data service providers in Canada.

They provide LTE mobile data and home Internet services all over Canada.

This article explains the configuration of Freedom Mobile 4G LTE APN settings on iOS and Android devices.

You can check if your device is compatible with the Freedom Mobile network by visiting the link below.

So, the first step is to verify whether Freedom Mobile 4G network supports your device.

If they support your phone, you can join their 4G LTE network after configuring the APN.

Let us check how to set up Freedom Mobile 4G LTE APN on an Android Phone.

Set Up Freedom Mobile 4G LTE APN On Android

  1. Start your Android phone and tap on Settings.

    Freedom Mobile 4G LTE Android APN Settings
  2. Tap on Connections.

  3. Tap on Mobile Networks.

  4. Tap on Access Point Names.

  5. Now fill the fields with the data provided in the table below.

    Name Freedom Internet
    Proxy --
    Port --
    Username --
    Password --
    Server --
    MMSC --
    Multimedia Message Proxy --
    Multimedia Message Proxy --
    MCC 302
    MNC 490
    Authentication type --
    APN type Default
    APN protocol IPv4/IPv6
    APN roaming protocol IPv4/IPv6

    -- means keep the field blank.

  6. Save the values and reboot your Android phone.

You have successfully configured Freedom Mobile Data Internet on your Android phone.

Now let us check how to configure Freedom Mobile 4G LTE APN on an iPhone.

Freedom Mobile 4G LTE High-Speed APN Settings For iPhone

  1. Tap on Settings.

  2. Tap on Mobile Data.

    Freedom Mobile APN Internet Settings for iPhone

    Turn on mobile data to continue the steps.

  3. Tap on Mobile Data Network.

  4. Here you can fill in the Freedom Mobile high-speed LTE APN values.

    Freedom Mobile APN Internet Settings for iPad

    Check the tables below for the correct Freedom Mobile APN values.

  5. Enter the following details into the fields under Mobile Data.

    Username --
    Password --

  6. Enter the following details under Personal Hotspot.

    Username --
    Password --

  7. Fill the fields under MMS with the following details.

    Username --
    Password --
    MMSC --
    MMS Proxy --
    MMS Max Message Size 1048576
    MMS UA Prof URL

  8. Save the APN value and exit the window. Reboot your iPhone to connect to the Freedom Mobile 4G LTE network.

You have learned to join the Freedom Mobile data network on Android and iOS devices.

Make sure you enter the correct APN values and save them.

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