Check The Recent WhatsApp Mobile Internet Usage

Have you wondered how much data WhatsApp installed on your phone consumes?

If you are on a metered mobile data service, it is critical to ensure WhatsApp does not consume too much data.

This article explains how to check the data usage and storage by WhatsApp on your SmartPhone.

An unoptimized WhatsApp will consume a lot of your mobile data.

Let me explain how to check whether WhatsApp installed on Android and iPhone consumes too much data.

Can I check How Much Data WhatsApp Used Today on My Phone?

You might be interested to check the daily Internet usage by WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

We can check the amount of mobile Internet used from the WhatsApp Network Usage setting.

Let us check how to find daily mobile Internet usage of WhatsApp installed on your device.

Check the Data & Network Usage by WhatsApp

We can check the recent WhatsApp data usage from the Network usage settings. To access that window, follow the steps below.

  1. Start the WhatsApp App on your Android or iOS device.

    Check the mobile Internet consumption by WhatsApp in iOS.

    Tap on the WhatsApp icon to open the application on your Mobile Device.

  2. Tap on the three vertical dots on the right top of the screen.

    Check the recent data usage.
  3. Now you will get a drop-down menu. To access the settings window, tap on Settings.

  4. You are in the WhatsApp settings window.

    How much mobile data is used today by WhatsApp?

    To check the recent data usage by WhatsApp, tap on Storage & Data.

  5. Now you are at the Storage and Data screen.

    How much mobile Internet does your Android phone consume for WhatsApp messages.?

    To check mobile Internet usage by WhatsApp, tap on Network Usage.

  6. Once you tap on Network Usage, you will reach the recent mobile data usage screen.

    This page will give you the details of recent mobile data usage by WhatsApp.

    You can examine how WhatsApp uses the mobile Internet on your mobile phone.

    Have a look at the screenshot. It is a screenshot of the network usage of WhatsApp installed on my phone.

    It is easy to check from the screen for which action WhatsApp consumed data.

    WhatsApp used more data on my phone to download media files. So, to reduce data consumption, I should prevent WhatsApp from automatic media files downloading.

We can find process-wise data usage from the above window.

From the screenshot, it is easy to understand that the lion's share of data usage by WhatsApp is for media files.

Google Drive and WhatsApp calls took almost zero data. This information helps us to optimize Internet usage by WhatsApp.