Check Last Facebook Login Details With Location, Browser, OS

Facebook is one of the favorite places of hackers to pick confidential information from users by Social engineering, phishing etc because of its popularity. It is our duty to ensure the safety of our social network accounts due to its importance in our real life. If someone gets access to our social networking accounts, he can ruin our total public image. One of my friend's email ID got hacked by some unknown persons and they send fake information to his business clients. We were celebrating our weekends that time but fortunately, one of his friends called him and inquired more details about the email. Then only my friend understood the activities of a third person in his email account. Though we informed police about this issue we couldn't find the actual person behind the act. We strongly believe he lost his password by signing in to his email account on a computer where rootkits were installed.

We find the above case immediately after the hacker send emails to my friend's clients and fortunately we did not give him enough time to change the password and other login information of my friend's email account (maybe he planned to use my friend's account anonymously). So nowadays I am very cautious about my email and Facebook account security and always check if there any third person accessed my Facebook account. One of the best ways to check the third person activities in Facebook is to check the last login information because he cannot delete current session information while he is logged in.

How to Check Last Facebook Login Information

To check the last Facebook login information you may log in to your Facebook account and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Accounts
    find Facebook hacker

  2. Click on Account Settings

  3. Click on Account Security
    all logon log file

  4. In Facebook Account security, you can see the last login details with a browser, Operating System and location.
    last signup
If you doubt the details provided about your last Facebook login information, it is better to change the password and other password reset details as soon as possible.

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