How to Read WhatsApp Messages Deleted by the Sender?

After we published a set of WhatsApp tips on CoreNetworkZ, one of the frequent questions we received was about reading the deleted WhatsApp messages.

Though WhatsApp has no official method to read the sender's deleted messages, we have some workarounds to read them.

This tutorial teaches the different methods to read a WhatsApp message deleted by the sender before you open it.

Can We Read WhatsApp Messages Deleted By The Sender?

A sender can delete a message in WhatsApp if he wishes. It is a good feature from the sender's point of view.

However, it puts the receiver in a confused state. The receiver may wonder what message was delivered but deleted before he read it.

Though WhatsApp has no feature to read the messages deleted by the sender, the receiver can still read them. Let us share some methods to recover the WhatsApp messages deleted by the sender.

Can I Recover Deleted Unread WhatsApp Message?

Another similar concern shared by a reader was the possibility of recovering an unread WhatsApp message deleted by the sender.

His comment says he forgot to check the WhatsApp for two days. After opening the App, he found that one of his friends had deleted a few messages sent for the past 24 hours. Now, his friend is not revealing about those messages. He wants to know how to retrieve them.

It is my response to him.

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted unread WhatsApp messages.

How to Configure iOS and Android Phones to Save all WhatsApp Messages?

So, let us check how to set your Smartphone to save all WhatsApp messages (including those deleted by the sender).

Set Up Automatic WhatsApp Chat History Backup in Android & iPhone

The first step to enable recovery of any WhatsApp messages deleted by the sender is to activate an automatic WhatsApp Chat history backup.

Let me share the official WhatsApp tutorials to perform it on Android and iOS devices.

You can read the official tutorial to set up automatic WhatsApp chat history on an Android device from the link below.

If you are looking for steps to retrieve a deleted WhatsApp message on an iPhone, the following guide is for you.

Recover Unread WhatsApp Messages Deleted By Sender

Now, we check the steps to view the deleted WhatsApp messages by the sender on your phone.

After completing the above steps, Google Cloud or iCloud will store all received and sent chat messages.

Automatic Backup will send all received text messages, including unread, to the cloud.

It includes the unread received messages. So, you can retrieve them from the cloud even if the sender deleted them before you read them.

Let me share the link to official WhatsApp guidelines to recover chat history from Google Drive and iCloud.

Is It Safe To Use Third-party Apps to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages By the Sender?

I understand the flaw in our method to recover deleted messages, as our trick works if you have a pre-configured Automatic backup feature.

Some readers suggested a few third-party Apps to recover deleted WhatsApp text messages. They claim they can recover all text chat messages removed by the sender.

So far, Team CoreNetworkZ has not tested them.

So, we cannot recommend any third-party Apps to recover a deleted WhatsApp chat message.

How to See Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone?

You can see the deleted unread WhatsApp messages by restoring the chat history from iCloud.

How to see WhatsApp deleted messages by sender without any app?

Team CoreNetworkZ has explained the steps to see WhatsApp messages deleted by the sender without using any third-party App.

We use the automatic backup feature supported in Android and iPhone to save every received message. We can recover deleted messages by recovery from the cloud storage.

We do not need a third-party App to perform this task.

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See Deleted Messages in WhatsApp Without Any App via iCloud?

This official guide will explain the steps to see deleted messages in WhatsApp without any App from iCloud.