How to Find JioFi WiFi Password & SSID?

JioFi is a popular personal 4G WiFi hotspot device in India.

Team CoreNetworkZ has multiple tutorials on this device, and one recurring comment I received after writing the tutorial about changing the default JioFi SSID and password was finding the built-in WiFi password for a first-time user.

It is a novice question, but many find difficulties in finding the JioFi WiFi password after purchasing it.

This tutorial explains three different methods to find the JioFi Hotspot wireless password.

How Can I Find A JioFi User Name and Password?

It is easy to find the default JioFi username and password.

We cover three easy methods in this guide.

They are:

  1. From the Packet.

  2. From the Router.

  3. From the Jio Router User Interface.

Find JioFi Wireless Password From the Packet

The easiest method to find a JioFi WiFi password is from the router packet itself. Have a look at the photo below.

It is the picture of the Reliance JioFi packet.

The side panel has a sticker where you can find the Jio WiFi SSID and password. Type the password mentioned when you see the Jiofi network on your PC or Android Phone to join.

WiFi SSID is the JioFi network name. You can find the JioFi password in the Password field.

I masked the WiFi SSID and Password for security purposes.

Now, I show you the second method to find a JioFi password.

Find JioFi SSID Password From the Device

We can check the JioFi password and SSID on the device itself.

Open the rear panel of the JioFi router. Look at the screenshot below if you have doubts.

In some models, the bottom panel requires more force to remove. After removing the bottom (rear) cover, you can see the Jiofi 4G Router battery.

You can see the JioFi password after removing the battery.

You can see the JioFi password and SSID of my JioFi router in the photo below.

Can't you view the JioFi password and SSID behind the battery? I have masked them, but you can see them, right?

Note the password and type it when your smartphone or laptop asks for the wireless encryption key.

As a bonus, I will teach you an extra method to find the Jiofi password.

Find JioFi Password and SSID from the UI

The last method is to check the SSID and wireless password of a JioFi router from the User Interface.

If you do not have the Jio 4G router packet and trouble opening the battery case, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect your JioFi router to a PC with a USB cable. You will find a USB cable attached to the charger in the packet.

  2. Open a browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and type on the address bar. Press the Enter key.

  3. You will reach the JioFi router User Interface.

    Click the login button.

  4. Type the administrator as the username and password. Click the login button.

  5. Go to Settings and choose WiFi. You can see the JioFi wireless network name and password.

    The security key is the JioFi WiFi password.

We covered three different methods to check the Wireless SSID and password of a JioFi 4G router.

What is The Default Password of JioFi?

It is a tricky question as I don't know if you are asking for the default JioFi router UI or WiFi password.

The default JioFi Device UI login password is the administrator.

How to find JioFi Password on Android Phones?

You can find the wireless password from the saved WiFi profiles. However, many Android UI versions do not allow it.