How to Check Virus infection On My Website - Reported Attack site

Yesterday night I actually shocked while seeing one of my website is reported as an attack site (Not this blog). In Firefox I saw the message "Reported Attack Page" and blocked access to my website. When I search my website in Google I saw the following alert on my website "This site may harm your computer". When I click on the Google Search Result of my website, it lead to another page which says Malware Warning. It clearly shows the presence of malware in my website and it may harm my users computer. So I login to server (last time I logged is before one year, that too just upload this website) and check the source code. I really surprised to see a bunch of malicious script in my web pages. I really don't know how it came to my website (unfortunately this is a tiny server and no access to log files). Any way here I am writing a standard procedure to handle virus infection in your website. There is no need to panic while seeing a virus infection in your website. We can fix the issue by ourselves.

How to know your website is infected by Malicious script or virus

You can check your website is free from virus or not by some simple steps. Here I am specifying some steps to check whether your website is infected with malicious code or not.

1. Check whether your Internet Security Suit block access to your website

I am using the home version of Avast in my computer. Avast blocks access to the infected website with following alert.

AntiVirus block the infected websites. Check how your website is infected

Like Avast, most of the Internet Security software block connection to an infected website. It will alert you that the website you are trying to connect is infected.

2. Try to Access a website via Google- Google block infected site

Google periodically checking all the websites whether it is malicious one or not. If one website is infected, Google will show you an alert "This website may harm your computer" with the Google Search result of the website.

3. Check whether Firefox block your website

Firefox and other browsers block connection to an infected website. If you try to access an infected website, you will get following message.

How to Check my computer is infected or not

4. Check in Google Webmastertools to know malware infection

Google webmaster tools shows the details about the infection in your website. If your website is infected, right after login to Google webmaster account itself you can see the following alert.

Where to check your website is infected

You can find which pages are infected in your website by clicking More Details link. You can take this information to remove infection from your website. It is recommended to check Google webmastertools every time to check any possible malware infection in your website.

5. Online Website Scanners to check infection

There are some online tools to scan your webserver for possible malware infection. If you check in Google you can find a lot of information about it.

Read my Next Article to know how to remove infection from your website.

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Another Instance of Firefox is Already Running

Yesterday I faced a strange issue on my computer. I was unable to close the Firefox browser opened in my computer. I clicked the close button but it was not working. It seems like the program is stuck and not responding. After some time, the browser closed but that was the beginning of another problem. I couldn't open it anymore. I double clicked the shortcut icon but it was not opening and showed an error message saying "another instance of Firefox is already running".

Another Instance of Firefox is Already Running

When I double clicked the shortcut icon, I received the message another instance of Firefox is already running. However, it was not open on my computer at that time. For my PC, this program was already running and there was no way to open another session. In reality that program was not functioning at all.


Though the browser was not working, its process was active. I confirmed it by task manager and the only option to solve the issue was to close the running process. After terminating the process, I could start the browser without any issues. The procedure to fix this issue is given below.
  • Open Task Manager by pressing [Ctrl] [Alt] and [Del] buttons together

  • Click Process tab

  • Select Firefox process and kill

After finishing this procedure, you will face no troubles to start Firefox on your PC.

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Firmware Upgrade Guide - How to Upgrade Firmware of your Router , Modem etc

Most of the issues concerning Small Office Home Office (SOHO) devices like Wireless Router, Modem etc can be fixed by upgrading the firmware. Here I am pointing some of tips and steps to upgrade firmware of your router. In order to upgrade your router or modem firmware, you may check the latest version of firmware available from the router manufacturer.

Using third party Firmware for your router to improve functionality

Most of the time third party firmware improve the efficiency of your router compared to the firmware released by your router manufacturer. If you choose another source (obviously trusted source) of firmware most of the time your router warranty will be void. I saw this when one of my friend upgraded a Linux based third party firmware to his Linksys wireless router to achieve wireless router cascading feature. When his router has a complaint, Linksys refused to give an RMA to this router. What they said is user is permitted to use Linksys Firmware for his router. The same law is applicable to most of the companies. So be careful while upgrading third party firmware to your router. Best practice is to use it when your router warranty period is over.

Where to download Firmware for my Wireless Router ?

One of the newbie question. You can download firmware for your router from your manufacturer website. Just by typing the model number of your router with firmware, you can see the download link. If you face any issues with downloading firmware, please mention your router manufacturer name with model number and version number. We will help you.

How to Upgrade firmware of my Router

In order to upgrade the firmware of your router, you should login to your router first. To find the login IP address of any router or modem click on the link below.

How to find Login IP address of my router

After login you can find upgrade firmware link in your settings page. (Please make sure that different router manufactures set this in a different way). For more detail I recommend you to check your router manual. In your router manual you can see the specific steps to upgrade firmware for your router.

Procedure to Upgrade firmware of your Router

This is the standard procedure to upgrade firmware of your router.

1. Download latest version of your router firmware and save in your desktop

2. Login to your Router and go to settings page

3. Click on Upgrade firmware link. Then browse firmware file saved on desktop

4. You should click on Open (or something similar) to upload firmware

5. Wait for few minutes and let your router restart and comeback

6. Most time it is recommended to reset your router after a firmware upgrade.

To know how to perform soft reset on your router click on the link below.

How to Reset your Router

Now login to your router once again and check the version of your installed firmware.

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RegEdit Is Disabled By Administrator- Unlock RegEdit & Enable Registry Editor

Yesterday while typing regedit on run command I received the following error message: " Regedit is disabled by administrator ". I was not able to access my Registry Editor as it is totally disabled on my computer. I tried to check the group policy editor and check whether Registry editor is disabled in it. It is not disabled in Group Policy Edit. As malware infections can disable RegEdit, I did a full system scan using Antivirus installed. Unfortunately scan could not find any infection and failed to unlock RegEdit. So I search for this issue and found a few solutions to enable disabled Registry editor. One of them is a Run command solution to unlock it  on my computer and this tutorial explains more about it.

How to Unlock Disabled Registry Editor

In order to unlock disabled registry editor, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Run Window (Press [Windows] + [R] )

  2. Type following command and press enter

    REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0

    Now you will see one prompt " Value DisableRegistryTools exists, overwrite (Y/N)?"

    You should type "y" and press Enter. Most of the time your RegEdit will be enabled. If registry editor is still blocked on your computer you should try the following command.

    REG add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0

    Then it will also come up with the question: Value DisableRegistryTools exists, overwrite (Y/N)? Type y and press Enter.

Now your Registry Editor will be enabled. You can access it by simply typing regedit on Run window and press enter. From here we can do a lot of actions which affect the normal working of a computer. If your computer failed detect the USB port on your computer, you can simply unlock it. To learn how to do this click on the link below.
How to Enable or Disable USB Port  On Your Laptop

Just like unlock USB port, we can change the system logon background color also from here. To learn more about this  trick click on the link below.
Change Logon Background Color  On Your Laptop

In this tutorial you have learned the steps to resolve the error Regedit is disabled by administrator. If you do not like active desktop on your computer, you can simply disable it from registry. Another registry tweak is about to disable right click on Windows start menu. You can disable this feature from registry.

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I Cannot Open a Folder By Clicking On It

Yesterday I found an issue with opening folders on my old desktop computer running on Windows XP Operating System. I failed to open folders with double click and instead of opening the folder it was showing a message "Choose the Program you want to open this file". After seeing this message, I right clicked the folder and select the option Open from menu but no difference at all. As a last resort, I tried the explore option and it granted me access to the folder. It was so frustrating and  I decided to find the actual reason by searching on technology forums and major knowledge bases to know why I cannot open folder by double click and open option on right click menu. Major points, according to online communities which prevent a folder from opening, are registry issues and virus infection.

Registry Fix to Issues With Opening a Folder by Double Click

Registry error can prevent a folder from opening by double clicks on it. This section explain how it is happening and quick fix to resolve this problem on your PC. This registry fix is for Windows XP computer and I am not sure about other versions. If you are having XP, follow the instructions below.

  • Press [Windows] + [R] to pen Run

  • Type regedit on Run Window

    Navigate to the following location: " HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ shell" and click on Shell.

  • Right click on attribute (right hand side ) and select Modify. Type none in the Value data box and press OK.

  • Navigate to "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Drive \ shell" and select Shell.

    Right click on attribute (right hand side ) and select Modify. Type none in the Value data box and press OK.
Now close the registry editor and check whether you can open folders in your computer by double click on it.

Autorun.inf infection To Prevent Opening Folder

If the registry tweak could not fix the problem, it might be due to the possible infection of a malware known as autorun.inf. This is a hidden file located in every folder and prevent it from opening by double click.

In order to fix this issue, you should scan your computer using a good AntiVirus software. It will detect autorun.inf and delete this file. If you want to manually search and delete autorun.inf on your PC, follow the steps below.

  • On command prompt type attrib -r -h -s autorun.inf and press enter

    (if the file is detected, you can delete autorun.inf using the command del autorun.inf )

  • Reboot your PC and check for the issue

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DOS Command To Open Command Prompt In Any Folder & Change Working Directory

Normally Windows DOS Prompt opens in Root directory only. Usually the Primary drive(root) is C and command prompt is open from C drive like C:\. Though by default DOS opens in root drive only, we can make it open from any drive as we need. For a normal user, this article may not be very useful but if you want to run any script on DOS  which are directory specific, this tutorial will help you. We can change the DOS working directory by following any trick from a list of methods. There are registry tricks, CMD command,  Explorer trick etc to change the DOS root directory. In order to change your current DOS directory from C drive to D, use any of the methods listed below.

Cmd Command to Open Command Prompt in Any Directory

At first we can use simple DOS trick to open Command Prompt in any directory. To change the working directory from C drive to D drive from DOS, follow the steps below.

  1. Start DOS (Assume C:\)

  2. Type cd /d d:\ and press enter
    Start CMD Window in E

    Now your current working directory will be D drive. This is one of the simplest methods to change C  to D drive by using DOS. This method works in most of the Windows versions like Windows 8, 7, XP etc.

Open Command Prompt Anywhere By Right Click On Windows 8 & Windows 7

Another simple method to open CMD in any drive is explorer method. You can use this method to open DOS Prompt in Windows 8 and 7 without any additional tweaks. So personally I prefer this method to start DOS Window in any folder on Windows 7 and 8 computers.
  1. Press [Shift] button and Right Click on any folder

  2. Click Open Command window here
    how to start folder in cmd using DOS

  3. It is opened in the chosen folder
    how to change working directory as D

You can open DOS Prompt by using this method in any working folder on Windows 7 and 8. There is no restriction to use this method to start it in any folder. You can even open it on any sub folders in any directory.

Change Command Prompt Root Drive using Registry Edit On Windows XP

Normally you cannot get an option to start DOS Prompt in any folder on XP computer as you see on Windows 8 and 7 computers. However, you can start it in any drive (C , D ,E , F etc), using a simple registry tweak on  XP computer. This registry tweak will allow you to run it in any folder by a right click on it.

  1. Backup Registry Settings

    Playing with registry is critical and you are advised to create a backup of your registry before performing the steps below.
    How to Backup Current Registry On Your Computer

  2. Click on Start and click on run

  3. On run type regedit and click OK

  4. On Registry editor go to the following key:


    Create a new key called Command Prompt.

  5. Create a new sub-key beneath the Command Prompt key called Command. Set the default value to

    Cmd.exe /k pushd % L

  6. Close the registry window
Now right click on any folder on Windows XP computer and check if you have the option to start Command Prompt. By using that option your can change it from C drive to D drive.

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Computer Hardware Troubleshooting Tutorials - PC Guide and Tips

As you know, is getting most of the traffic from search engines to find solutions for networking and hardware related issues. This blog has many tutorials which address most common networking and hardware issues but I feel most of them are not well arranged for a new reader of this blog. So I decide to publish a new post which points some of our best tutorials to help our newbie readers. Here I present links to a list of selected popular tutorials to fix common computer hardware related troubles. I tried my best to explain the steps in layman's language without using jargon. Here you can click on the links to find respective articles depends on the issues you are facing.

  1. Disk Boot Failure

    If you are facing issues with booting your PC and get an error message of Disk Boot failure, I suggest you to read my article.
    Cannot Start my PC - Disk Boot Failure

  2. S.M.A.R.T Command Failed

    Ever received an error message S.M.A.R.T Command failed in your laptop? If yes read below to know more about it and how to fix this hardware error.
    hard disk S.M.A.R.T command failed

  3. Automatic Restart of your Computer

    If you are facing an issue like your laptop restarts automatically, follow the steps provided in the below troubleshooting guide.
    Why my Laptop Restarts Automatically and how to Fix it

  4. Fix MBR issues

    In order to know how to fix your Master Boot Record (MBR) damages follow the guide below.
    Fix Master Boot Record (MBR) issues in your Computer

  5. Check Frequency of RAM

    In order to check the frequency of RAM in your laptop, click on the link below.
    How to check the Frequency of RAM

  6. Hide computer Hard disk Drive

    If you want to hide your laptop hard disk drive without using any third party tools, click on the link below.
    Hide Computer Hard Drive without any Third Party Tools

  7. Cyclic Redundancy Check

    To fix Data error (Cyclic Redundancy Check) click on the link below.
    Fix Data Error -Cyclic Redundancy Check

  8. How to Change Computer Hard Disk Drive Letters

    If you like to change your PC hard disk drive letters, follow the link below.
    Change Computer Hard Disk Drive letters

  9. Protect your PC from Over heating

    Over heating is a problem for many users. Here are some tips to avoid over heating while working on your PC.
    How to Protect Your Computer from Over Heating

  10. Use Flash Memory (USB Memory) as Virtual RAM

    Here you can find how to use your USB memory as RAM for your laptop.
    Use Flash Memory as Virtual RAM

  11. Problems in booting computer in safe mode

    Here are the main reasons and solution for this issue.
    I Cannot Boot my Computer in Safe Mode

  12. How increase Laptop Battery Life

    Here are some tips to increase your Laptop Battery life.
    Increase Laptop Battery Life

  13. Keep Laptop Battery charge for a long period

    Best practices in keeping your Laptop Battery charge for a long period.
    Keep Laptop Battery charge for a long period

  14. Connect two Systems using USB cable

    Here you can see how to connect two systems using USB cable.
    How to Connect two Systems using USB cable

  15. Intel Motherboard reviews

    Intel D94GCNL Motherboard reviews

  16. Bios Backdoor Passwords for Laptops

    Bios Backdoor Passwords for laptops

  17. Reset Bios Passwords

    If you forget your BIOS password and want to reset it, read this article.
    How to reset BIOS password

This list is not complete and by visiting the respective articles, you will find links to further guides. If you cannot find solution for a hardware trouble you are facing, you can email me using the email address provided on About Me page.

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Yahoo Messenger Hack to Open Webcam Without User Permission

By default if any of your chat contact in Yahoo Messenger while chatting want to view your webcam, you need to give him permission to view it. It is because YM sets your webcam broadcasting option as always ask permission while others try to open it. If you are chatting with strangers it is always better set the rule as "Always ask for my permission" while others try to watch you. However, if you are using it to chat with friends only and would like to grant them the privilege to open you whenever they want without waiting for your permission, you can set it as either "Always allow everyone to view my cam" or "Allow the following people to view my webcam". If you set the first option any of your chat contact {no need to be a  friend, someone in chat room(no longer any public rooms)} can view your cam without your permission but in second option only certain privileged YM contacts can open it.

Steps to Open Webcam to all Users In Yahoo Messenger Without Permission

  1. Login

  2. Click on Messenger Tab (on the top of YM )

    or press [CTRL] + [Shift] + [P]

  3. Click on preferences

  4. Click on Webcam Broadcast

    Now you can check the radio button to Allow everyone to view my webcam. After this you should click on Apply and Save. If any user have this settings in their YM, you can can watch their cam without their approval. That is why this settings is not recommended. If you opt the third option Allow the following people to view my webcam only the predefined contacts will be able to open it without permission.

The above procedure lets you open cam for users without asking prior approval. This method is ideal when you are broadcasting a video over YM network. To watch the broadcast, viewers do not need to ask permission for every time they join it. Once the cam sets open for all users, anyone can directly join broadcast without any hurdles. Just like this if you are looking for steps to save chat history in Yahoo email instead of messenger follow the steps provided in the link below.
How to save Yahoo web mail chat history

As in this tweak series, you have learned to use the restrictions with watching cam in messenger. In the same way are you interested to find the location of contacts who are chatting with you. If yes click on the link below and follow the steps mentioned there.
How to Find The Location Of Your IM  Friend

Though you have achieved the privilege to view webcam of your friend, it is useless unless you know whether he is online. If you don't know whether your YM contact is online, how can you open his cam ? So to learn whether your  contact is offline or invisible, click on the link below.
Check if Someone is Invisible in YM

In case if you do not want to use one of your Yahoo Messenger account, you can delete it. To learn more about it follow the link below.
How to Delete Your YM Account

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Linksys Wireless Configuration - Setup Linksys Products

Linksys is one of the leading Small Office Home Office device manufacturer. I wrote many tutorials which saying how to configure various Linksys wireless devices and now I would like to make a list of it. Here you can see my previous Linksys wireless product configuration tutorials. Linksys has a variety of wireless products like, Wireless router, Wireless Access Point, Range Expander, Wireless Camera etc. Here I add my previous tutorials to configure these wireless devices by listing the links to the specific page. Some other tutorials are about how to troubleshoot Linksys Wireless products in your network.

1. Linksys Wireless Router Configuration

Here I present Setup Guide of Linksys WRE54G Wireless Router, Linksys WRT160 Wireless N Router etc.

1. How to Setup Linksys WRT160N Wireless N Router

2. How to setup Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G in PPPOE

3. How to enter DNS Settings in Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router

4. Cannot access some websites through Linksys Router

5. Port forwarding in Linksys Wireless Router

2. Linksys Wireless Access Point Configuration

Here we can see how to configure Linksys Wireless Access Points in different modes.

1. How to configure WAP54G as an Access Point Client

2. How to Upgrade Firmware of Linksys WAP54G Access Point

3. Configure Linksys WAP54G Access Pint in Wireless Bridge Mode

3. Setup Linksys Wireless Range Expander

Linksys Wireless Range Expander configuration and troubleshooting links are provided here.

1. How to Setup Linksys WRE54G Wireless Range Expander

4. Linksys Wireless Camera Configuration

Linksys has many kind of Wireless Cameras. Setup guide of Linksys Wireless Camera is given below.

1. How to setup Linksys Wireless Camera WVC54G

2. Set time for capturing video by Linksys WVC54G Wireless Camera

5. Linksys Wireless Adapter Configuration

Linksys manufactures different types of wireless adapters. They include USB adapter, PCI adapter, PCMCI adapter etc. Setup guide of Linksys wireless adapters is listed below.

1. Install Linksys WUSB54GC Wireless G adapter

To learn how to other Linksys Router models click on the link below:
How to Setup Linksys Wireless Router. As I write configuration guide for new Linksys products, I will update the links here.

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How to Configure Tata Mobile Broadband in Linux - Wireless USB Modem Hauwei,Sungill

It is not difficult to configure Mobile / Wireless broadband modems (including Tata Photon Plus modems) in Linux. Right after publishing the above post I received some mails about how to configure Tata Photon Plus USB modem in their Linux computer. So I decide to write this tutorial. In this tutorial we can see how to configure Tata Indicom Mobiles / USB Modems on Linux and setup Internet connection on your Linux computer. Before going through this how to configure Tata USB modem in Linux article, I recommend you to check your Tata Wireless Bradband USB modem compatibility in Linux. If your Tata Wireless USB modem is supported in Linux, we can configure it by following the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Setup Tata Wireless Broadband USB modems in Linux

1. Connect Tata Wireless USB Modem to your computer

Connect your Tata Wireless broadband USB modem to the USB port of your Linux computer.

2. Access Terminal

You can access Terminal in your Linux computer by following steps below.

i. Go to Applications
ii. Go to Accessories and select Terminal

3. Let your Linux PC detect Tata Wireless USB Modem

To do this you need to write following command on terminal. wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf. After pressing enter your Linux PC detect your Tata Wireless Broadband USB Modem connected to the USB port.

How to Configure Tata Photon Plus in Linux computer

4. Open Tata Wireless USB Modem Configuration file in Linux PC

In order to open USB modem's configuration file you may need to type following command on Terminal. gedit /etc/wvdial.conf

Now you can configure this USB modem.

Open Tata Photon Wireless USB Modem Configuration file in Linux PC

Configure Internet in Tata Wireless USB Modem in Linux computer

Now you should make following changes. At first you may need to remove the semi colon (;) before Phone, User Name and Password. Enter the following details.

Phone = #777
User Name= internet
Password = internet

You may need to add following two lines after Password.

Init3 = AT+CRM=1
Stupid Mode = 1

After making changes we should save this configuration file and close it.

Connect to Internet from USB Modem

In order to connect to the Internet suing Tata Wireless Broadband USB modem, we need to type the following command on Terminal.


Connect to Internet from Tata Photon  USB Modem
Now your Linux PC is ready to go online.

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3.  How to assign Open DNS address in Ubuntu

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Supported Tata Mobile Broadband USB Modem in Linux - Compatible Modems list

Many mails I received about the compatibility issues with Tata USB modems in Linux computers after writing my previous post How to Check Tata Photon Plus Internet Usage and Bills. So here I write the list of compatible Tata mobile and USB modems for your Linux computer. According to the Tata user manual following models support Linux. They are:

Linux supported Tata Indicom Mobiles / USB Modems

1. All Nokia Models

2. Motorola (Models: MotoRazr / Worldphone)

3. Pantech (models: PA711 / PA715 Slider )

4. LG models - 5235, 6335, 350T Walky

5. Samsung models - Wideo, DUO, T-Nimbus

6. Huawei models: EC-321 / EC-325

7. Sungill models - USB Modem Plug2surf

Linux Versions which support Tata USB modems are:

The above USB modems are supported in following version of Linux. They are:

1. Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 & above

2. Fedora Core 5,6 & above

3. SUSE Desktop Linux 9,10 & above

4. Debian Linux 5,6 & above

5. Ubuntu Linux 5,6 & above

Some Tata USB modem models are not supported in Linux.

Tata Indicom Mobiles / USB Modems which are not supported in Linux

The following Tata Indicom Mobiles / USB Modems are not supported in Linux.

1. Kyocera (All models are not supported)

2. Sierra (Air card 555)

3. Huawei (C-506,5300)

(This list can be changed by time and for more details please contact your vendor)

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How to Turn Off Google Instant Search

Google always surprise us by introducing newer user friendly features. Right now they have introduced a new feature called Google Instant Search. It gives us results even before we finish typing our search query and it shows most relevant results by analyzing the keywords we type instantly. So practically, Search Engine is not waiting for us to press enter key to show us the results for our search query. Google claims, its new feature helps us to save our time on searching by providing instant search results even before we finish typing. First beneficiary of this new feature was US users but now it is extended to all users.

Supported browsers for Google Instant

Currently not all browsers support this feature. Following browsers support Google Instant without any issue.

  • Chrome v5/6 and higher versions,

  • Firefox v3 and higher versions,

  • Safari v5 for Mac and higher versions

  • Internet Explorer v8 and higher versions

Will Google Instant Search Consume too much bandwidth

They says the new feature will not consume too much Internet bandwidth because the flow of data for it is too small. For a slower network, Google instant will be disabled automatically. So practically there won't be any difference for a user who uses slower Internet connection. He will see the traditional page where he has to complete the entire query and press enter to see results.

How Can I disable Google Instant Search

Some users may not be happy to see results before completing their query. You can disable Google Instant on a computer if you are not happy with this new feature. To turn off this feature follow the steps mentioned below.
  1. Click on Settings under the right hand side of Google Search. This image will help you to find settings.

  2. Click on Search Settings

  3. Select Never Show Instant results

    If you are facing issues with showing results without completing the query on your computer, you should choose the option "Always Show Instant Results". However, if you have slower Internet connection, I suggest you to turn off it on your computer.

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7 Best Download Managers (Free & Paid)

Download managers are software programs designed to handle the downloading and uploading of files on the Internet. The best download managers offer features such as pausing and resuming the transfering large files; handle errors during download while maintaining the data already downloaded; get multiple files simultaneously; performing scheduled downloads; downloading from multiple sites and/or via different connections to transfer the file from server to PC  more quickly; and other features. This post highlights the 7 top download managers and describes their features. Here you can see some of the industries best rated products both free and paid.

1. FlashGet

FlashGet is one of the top download managers and boast the highest number users of its product on the Internet. It is compatible with the Windows operating system and supports a number of protocols such as HTTP, FTP, eMule, BitTorrent, MMS, and RTSP. FlashGet increases data transfer speed by using Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation (MHT) technique and optimization. FlashGet is free and guarantees that it doesn’t have any spyware or adware. You can get FlashGet by visiting the link here.

2. Internet Download Manager ($29.95)

Internet Download Manager is designed for the Windows operating system that features data transfer speed acceleration, resume, automatic antivirus checking, customizable interface, advanced browser integration, and a built-in scheduler. It supports the major Windows browsers and protocols. It can also get FLV videos from key video sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and MySpaceTV. You can get this software here.

3. Download Accelerator Plus ($29.95)

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) boasts over 200 million users. It works with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The free version of DAP features pause and resume, video preview, download security, and automatic mirroring that helps boost the file transfer speed. DAP Premium is available for $29.95, which offers higher file transfer speeds, ZIP preview, File Shredder, and the ability to lock and hide the files just downloaded. The program is also available in over 39 foreign languages. To get DAP, visit the link below.

4. Free Download Manager(Free)

Free Download Manager is just what the name states, a free, open-source product. It features BitTorrent support, multi-language support, active spyware and adware protection, and the ability to catch flash video from sites such as YouTube. It also has audio/video preview, get partial Zip file, and capability for remote downloads that can be created or viewed via the Internet. You can get this tool for free here.

5. GetGo Download Manager (Free)

GetGo Download Manager is designed to meet the needs of Web 2.0, especially video and music files from sites such as YouTube, Facebook, GoogleVideo, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, and many others. It will seamlessly integrate with Firefox and Internet Explorer and will run in the background while you continue to use the web browser. Extreme file transfer acceleration, scheduling, and the ability to resume broken or stopped downloads are other features of this free tool.  You can install it on your computer from here:

6. Download Studio ($24.95)

Download Studio is one of the most powerful download managers that cover a wide variety of things. They include programs, games, flash video, RSS feeds, podcasts, music, audio, video, websites, and other things. Download Studio works with all the popular browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera. It features a scheduler, auto-resume and multi-connection downloading. It also supports all the main protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RSS, and ATOM. It has received top reviews from numerous magazines and websites. To get this tool, visit the link below.

7. JDownloader (Free)

JDownloader is a platform independent, open source product that works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems. With JDownloader, files can be downloaded simultaneously, from multiple connections, and can download YouTube videos, Vimeo, and MP3 files. It offers multilingual support, OCR support, and automatic extractor for archived files. Download link:

This was contributed by Kip, a freelance writer for Broadband Compare where you can find comprehensive guides on mobile broadband and other types of connection.

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Activate Disabled WiFi On BSNL Wireless Modem

BSNL is the leading Internet Service Provider in India. They offer wireless modem with routing capability for their users. Since the modem has DHCP server, users can connect multiple computers to it both by using Ethernet cable and WiFi. This tutorial explains how to manage BSNL WiFi by tweaking it. Issues like disabled WiFi and weak network security are addressed in this guide. It also explain the steps required to enable disabled WiFi functionality on a BSNL modem and strengthen the protection by preventing unauthorized people from accessing it.

Steps to Manage Wireless in BSNL Wireless Modem
  1. Login

    Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter.

    Now you need to enter the user name and password set for your BSNL modem. By default it is:

    User Name : admin
    Password : admin

  2. Click on Configuration

  3. Click on Wireless Network

    Here you can manage basic settings of WiFi. You can either turn off or turn it on  from this page by selecting the right button. If you want to change the WiFi name, all you have to do is to delete the current entry at SSID and type the desired name.

    Procedure to Configure BSNL Wireless
  4. Prevent Unauthorized Users

    By default BSNL WiFi is unsecured and anyone can join it and share the broadband connection without your knowledge. You can prevent this by enabling protection. BSNL supports WPA and WEP. You can choose the suitable one from the list below. Do not forget to take a note of the key generated because now onwards, you cannot join the network without entering the key.

Filter Based On MAC Address

If MAC address filtering is activated on BSNL Modem, users will find issues with joining Wireless network even though they have the right username and password if MAC address of their devices are not in white list. If anyone face issues with connecting to your network, you must go to setup page and check under MAC filtering. Here you check the status of MAC filtering. If MAC filtering is activated, you must turn off it to resolve the issues with accessing BSNL WiFi network. It is important to note that BSNL modem supports two types of filtering, white list and black list. If you have added a particular computer under black list, that computer will not be able to access the network. If you have enabled white list, only computers which are under white list are allowed to join the BSNl wireless network.

Wireless Channel

Another point we must check while facing connectivity issues is to change the current Wireless Channel. We can use channel 1, 6 and 11 for the best connectivity. If you are using channel 1, I recommend you to try channel 6 or 11.

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