How to Enable or Disable Wireless in BSNL Broadband Modem

In this article I am presenting steps to enable or disable Wireless in BSNL broadband modem. BSNL is the leading Internet Service Provider in India. They offer wireless modem with routing capability to their users. In this article I have a BSNL Teracom Modem with wireless capability. By default wireless is enabled in BSNL Broadband modem and it is totally useless if you are not using a wireless computer or Laptop in your home. A portion of available Internet bandwidth will be wasted by enabling the wireless feature in BSNL modem. So it is better you disable wireless in BSNL modem and you can enable it when you get a wireless computer. By disabling the wireless you can avoid the potential threats by Wireless hackers who can get in to your network by breaking the wireless security.

Steps to Disable Wireless in BSNL Wireless Modem

To disable wireless in BSNL modem follow the steps below.

1. Login to BSNL Wireless Modem

Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter.

login to BSNL Teracom wireless modem to disable Wireless network

Now you need to enter the user name and password set for your BSNL modem. By default it is:

User Name : admin
Password : admin

2. Click on Configuration

3. Click on Wireless Network

Now you can see the wireless setup page. Select the disable button on Wireless Network to disable wireless in BSNL modem.

Disable or enable Wireless in BSNL Modem

Now you should click on confirm button. Now onwards your BSNL Modem will not broadcast any Wireless signals.

Enable Wi-Fi in BSNL Wireless Modem

In order to enable Wireless back, you need to select the Enable button in Wireless network page.

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Anonymous said... not working

Siju George said...

Please find the correct login IP adddress of your BSNL modem. Follow the instructions below to find the right login IP address.

Anonymous said...

Hi now bsnl had provided volktek modem and wireless is disabled. Even though it comes with wireless facility bsnl employees asking us to buy router for wireless. Can you pls tell me how to enable the wireless facility in this modem

Admin said...

Can you tell us the exact model number of the modem provided by BSNL ?