Enable Google SafeSearch Lock Permanently On Firefox, Chrome etc

If you are a responsible parent, you cannot allow your kids to view websites which are not appreciated at their age. Google provides SafeSearch options for you to protect your kids from watching unwanted websites and domains. However, most kids know how to disable SafeSearch feature on Google and access restricted by Google Search. Here I suggest a method to set permanent Google safesearch lock on a computer which cannot be disabled by simply choosing turn off protection option. It is a browser level lock to stop showing unwanted search results on Google and can be done on major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer etc.

Permanently Set Google SafeSearch On a Browser

In order to set permanent SafeSearch lock on a browser, you should login to your Google account. After configuring this lock, it will work on that browser even if you have logged out from your Google account.

  1. Click on Settings on Google Search Result page
    Safe Search

  2. Click on Search Settings from the drop down menu

  3. Click on Lock SafeSearch
    Permanent Google Safe Search lock

    It is under SafeSearch Filters and you will be prompted to login to your Google account.

  4. Login to your Google Account
    Parental lock on your computer

  5. Click on Lock SafeSearch
    Lock Safe Search in your computer

    Now it will show you a message "Locking SafeSearch across all Google domains". When the process is  finished you will see the following message.

    "SafeSearch is locked across all Google domains"
    SafeSearch is locked across all Google domains

How Would I Know Safe Search is On ?

You can easily find out whether Google Safe Search is on by checking the following symbol.
Your computer is safe to browse

You can verify the status of safesearch on your browser by seeing the above symbol. This lock works on the browser even if you logged out.

How to Unlock Permanent Google Safe Search Lock

The browser lock method we explained here is not literally permanent. One can easily break this lock by simply clearing the cookies and browser cache. It is because after deleting the cookies, Google SafeSearch settings will be back to default. So this trick is not as safe like installing parental control programs on your computer to prevent users browse unwanted search on Google.

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Anonymous said...

Like you mention, this method can still be turned off by doing some simple things. Kids tend to find these methods out as they get older. The best way to lock safe search onto its strictest setting in Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube etc. is to use SafeSearchLock (from www.safesearchlock.com). You don't need an account with the website, it works will all modern browsers and with all user accounts on a Windows PC automatically. Works great for me and keeps my kids safe.

Anonymous said...

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