How to Install Google Chrome Browser Without Internet Connection?

According to the latest reports, Google Chrome is currently the most popular web browser. Most devices support it.

Android devices come with preinstalled Chrome browser. However, it is not for devices running on other Operating Systems like Windows 11.

Installing the Google Chrome browser on any platform is very simple as long as you have an Internet connection.

What if you do not have an Internet connection on your home desktop computer?

How will you install Chrome on it?

This tutorial teaches how to install Chrome browser on a device without an Internet connection.

If you want to download the full installer of Chrome browser for another computer without Internet access, you must download the offline installer.

The standard Chrome Browser installer requires an active Internet connection to complete the installation process.

We do not need Internet access to install the Google browser offline version.

You can download the full version of Google Chrome Installer on a different computer other than the computer where you want to install it.

I will teach you how to check the latest available Chrome offline installer and how to download it.

I have divided this tutorial into two parts. The first part will teach you how to find the download link for the latest Google Chrome Offline version.

The second part explains the installation of Chrome offline installer on your computer.

How to Find Download Link Of the Latest Chrome Offline Version?

We can learn the latest version details from their official Chrome blog. Visit the link below.

Now let us check how to find the standalone download link of the latest Chrome browser release. You can use the following formula to create a direct download URL for the standalone version.

[] + [last two sessions of Chrome version] + [/chrome_installer.exe]

Let us check how to create a download link for the offline installer version 10.0.648.11. By applying the formula, we can create a download link for the offline Chrome version 10.0.648.11.

We can use the same formula to create a download link for the Google Chrome Offline version from the previous years.

Let us check how to create a download link for the Chrome browser released in 2014.

Let us check the installation process of Google Chrome Offline Installer.

Install Chrome Browser On a PC Without an Internet Connection

Let us check how to install Chrome Browser without an active Internet connection on a Windows 11 laptop.

You have learned how to download the offline installer of Chrome Browser. Click the link and save the file.

The file name is chrome_installer.exe

So the steps are clear.

Create the download link for any Chrome Browser offline version.

Download the Offline Installer on a device with an Internet connection.

Copy the Chrome offline installer on your computer that has no Internet connection.

Run the chrome_installer.exe file on your Windows laptop.

Let us check the detailed steps.

Detailed Steps to Install Google Chrome Without Internet Connection

  1. Download the Chrome Offline Installer On a Device having an Internet connection.

    Chrome Installation Problem On Windows 11 laptop

  2. Save the chrome_installer.exe file.

  3. Transfer the chrome_installer.exe file to your Windows laptop (the device without Internet access).

  4. Double-click to execute the chrome_installer.exe file.

You have successfully installed the Google Chrome browser on a Windows computer without an Internet connection.