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Upgrade Linksys Wireless Access Point WAP54G Firmware

WAP54G is a popular Access Point (AP) from Linksys. We can configure it in different modes depends on the network needs. This guide tells the importance to keep update the firmware of WAP54G Access Point with the latest released version. It is important because outdated firmware can cause wireless connectivity issues and the newer version has a fix for known bugs. Now let us check the procedure to perform it.

Steps to update Linksys Access Point Firmware
  1. Download Linksys AP Firmware

    To download Firmware we need to go to the Linksys support website. You can go to their support website by visiting the link below.

  2. Search

    Enter the model number or the serial number of your Linksys AP on the Search box.
    Steps to download

    Here we type the model number and press enter. Now we will be moved to Wireless-G Access Point WAP54G product page.

  3. Click on Get Downloads

    We need to select the version number of the AP. After selecting the version, the Firmware download link will be shown. Download and save it on the desktop.

  4. Log on to Wireless Access Point

    If you are not familiar with this, visit the link below.
    Log on to Linksys WAP54G Wireless Access Point

  5. Upload Firmware

    • After log on to Access Point click on Administration tab.

    • Click on Firmware Upgrade

    • Select downloaded firmware using the browse button

      We can select the downloaded firmware on our computer by using the browse button in Linksys configuration page.

    • Click on Upgrade

      After upgrading the firmware Linksys AP will prompt you to reboot the Access Point with a continue button. You need to press continue and let the AP reboot. After the reboot, check the version of Firmware in Linksys WAP54G Wireless AP and confirm the upgrade.

Issues With Linksys Access Point Firmware Update

Rarely some users find issues with this process and AP fails to update to the latest version. If you are facing troubles with updating WAP54G firmware, follow the instructions below.
  1. Make sure your PC is connected to AP using an Ethernet cable

  2. Make sure the right file is downloaded

  3. Make sure you are selecting the right firmware saved on your PC

  4. Reset AP and try to flash firmware

  5. Power cycle WAP54G and try

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