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How to Update The D-Link Router Firmware to the Latest version

Router manufacturers release new firmware version with patches for the bugs and errors reported in the past versions. So it is a good practice to verify your D-Link wireless Router runs on the latest firmware version released. In addition to the security benefits, upgrading firmware on router or Access Point can resolve many connectivity and performance issues. You can check whether your D-Link device is having the latest version from the web-based setup page. There is an important point you should remember while uploading firmware.

 You should connect the D-link router to the PC using an Ethernet cable. Steps to check the current firmware version on the D-Link router and update it to the latest version are provided below.

Steps to Update D-Link Router Firmware
  1. Log on to D-link Router:
    Type on Browser address bar and press enter. When prompted, enter admin as username and leave password field blank. To learn more about this click on the link below.
    How to Login and Setup D-link Wireless Router

  2. Click on Tools bar on the Top menu

  3. Click on Firmware
    how to update

  4. Check Firmware Version: To check the current and latest firmware versions of the D-Link Router, click on the button Check now under Firmware information.

  5. Download Latest Firmware for D-Link Router:

    If the current firmware on D-link router is not the latest one, download the latest version from their support site. You should save the file on your hard-disk.

  6. Upload:

    To upload the latest firmware click on the button Upload after specifying the location of the downloaded file on your computer by using the button Choose file.

    Now, wait till power light on the D-Link router is steady.

  7. You may power cycle D-Link router after completing the firmware upload process.
    How to Power Cycle

Trouble Uploading D-Link Firmware
Whether it is a router or Access Point, some unexpected issues may arise while flashing the current firmware. If you are facing trouble performing the steps mentioned above, this section may help you.

  1. Unzip

    Sometimes the file downloaded from the website is in zipped format. In that case, you must unzip it before uploading.

  2. Already having the latest version

    If the Access Point has the latest software, the update process may fail. So check the version of software running on the device before starting the update process.

  3. Connection Error

    While updating a device firmware, it must have a reliable connection. It is important to connect the Access Point and PC with an Ethernet cable rather than via WiFi.

In this tutorial, you have learned how to check whether your D-Link router has the latest firmware version or not. You have also learned how to update D-Link router firmware.
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It is a good practice to ensure periodically if your D-Link router has the latest firmware. Newer firmware versions are free from the bugs reported in the older versions.
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