Different Ways to Rotate Firefox Browser Tabs

Most users have the habit to open multiple tabs and continue working with different tasks. Some users find it difficult to go back to the previous window. This tutorial is a basic Firefox browser tutorial which explains different methods to rotate tabs. It is easy to transfer working window forward and backward using simple keyboard combinations. Here you will learn how to rotate Firefox tabs forward and backward or select a specific one without going through everything.

  1. Select the Tab one Forward to Current

    To transfer the user control forward to the current working, follow the below keyboard combination.

    [ctrl] + [Tab]

    If you have multiple tabs opened and want to select the next one, you can select it by pressing Control and Tab buttons together. You can use the same keyboard combination to move the control forward.

  2. Transfer control to one tab before Working tab

    To transfer the user control to the previous tab, use the following keyword combination.

    [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Tab]

    Pressing the Control, Shift and Tab buttons together, we can transfer user control to the previous tab from the current one.

  3. Select the Specific Firefox Tab

    In order to select the specific opened Firefox tab, use the following keyword combination.

    [Ctrl] + [Number]

    Some users do not want to rotate the control to select one specific tab. For them, there is an option by Firefox to choose the tab by pressing Control button and the number of the tab. Though this trick seems easy it has one limitation. This trick works only for Firefox tabs from 1 to 9.

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