Firefox Right Click Menu Doesn't Have Properties Option

After upgrading from Firefox 3.5.5 to Firefox 3.6, I couldn't see properties option in right click menu. When I right click on a link to find the link properties, I failed to find properties option in the right-click menu. At first, I thought my computer may have infected or some add-on conflicts causing this issue. I checked Mozilla support for the issue (missing element properties in Firefox 3.6 menu) and found that Mozilla team has removed this feature from their latest update. I cannot understand why they have removed this option and I couldn't find any equivalent feature. I am not alone, many users are not happy with this unexpected move of Mozilla team and we really want this element back as soon as possible.

Update: Mozilla team introduced a new plugin to bring back missing properties option in Firefox 3.6 at last.

Mozilla team introduces a new add-on to bring back the missing option in Firefox 3.6. To install this add-on to bring the missing option back to latest versions, visit the link below. Instructions to install this plugin is explained below.

How to Show Element Properties in Firefox Menu

If you are desperately looking for the missing element properties in the Mozilla browser menu, you can add it by installing a new add-on. All you have to do it to visit the link provided above and click Add to Firefox button. This window looks like this.
missing Element properties

After completing the installation, you will be asked to restart the browser.
missing menu element

Reports of Possible Bug

There is a report saying that the missing of properties option was due to a bug(#513147) and was not an intentionally made change. Since there is no official declaration about it yet, I won't be able to conclude whether it is a big issue. I am still waiting for an official announcement to clarify this issue.

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