Reduce Firefox RAM usage and Improve System Performance

If you are running with low RAM on your computer, you can improve the system performance a little by reducing the Random Access Memory usage of Firefox browser. By default, there is a minimum RAM usage reserved by Firefox than it actually needs. If your PC is brand new with enough RAM modules, you do not need to worry about this part. However, for an older computer system, you may need to release the unnecessarily reserved RAM/cache usage by programs installed. If you do not know how to check the current RAM usage set on Mozilla browser, follow the instructions provided here.

Steps to Disable Over RAM usage of Firefox Browser

To do this, follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Access Config Window

    Type about:config in the address bar and press enter. Now we will get a warning window like below. We should click I'll be careful, I promise button.

  2. Right click on browser.cache.disk.capacity

    Now find "browser.cache.disk.capacity" in the Firefox configuration window and right click on that. The default value set for browser cache is 51200. To reduce this, click on modify.
    Reduce cache usage (of Firefox browser

    Now set the new value to 20000 to limit the cache usage of Firefox.

Always make sure the changes do not affect the permanence of Firefox. If you are seeing any performance issues, you have to change the value to default and then reduce the cache usage step by step. For example, if the limit 20000 is not sufficient, you have to increase it to 30000 and check. If the issue persists you have to set the limit as 35000. You can use different values as per the needs.

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