Popular Mozilla Firefox Browser Tips, Tweaks and Tricks

While writing a blog, discussing different Internet technologies, we cannot miss important web browsers. Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers nowadays. Mozilla foundation developed the Firefox browser and developers helped a lot for the success of this project because it is an open source project. A big pool of add-ons makes Firefox very helpful for developers, marketers, researchers etc. has a lot of tutorials related to Firefox browser. Here I provide links to some of our popular Firefox browser tutorials.

Important Firefox Add-ons

One of the important reasons for the big popularity of Firefox is its huge collection of add-ons. Here you can see tutorials introducing some nice add-ons you can install on your computer. You can also read the step by step guides to install and operate these add-ons.
  1. FireFTP - Recommended Free FTP File Transfer Program

  2. One Deleted Add-on by Mozilla Firefox

  3. Capture Full Screen-shot Using Firefox Browser

  4. Add-on Helps to Improve Photo Search On Firefox Browser

  5. Get Standalone Blog Editor With Your Firefox browser

  6. See Actual URLs Instead of shortened URLs

  7. Set Google Search Results in New Window or Tab On Firefox Browser

  8. Read Your Favorite Blog Updates in Google Reader like Magazine

  9. 3D Tab management On Firefox Browser

  10. No Properties option in Firefox 3.6 Right Click Menu

Firefox Browser Configuration Guides

We can change the advanced features of the Firefox browser by login to the config window. Here is a list of tutorials which explain how to access and change advanced settings of Mozilla browser installed on your computer.
  1. A Script On This Page May be Busy, It May Have Stopped Responding

  2. Set Firefox Check Web Server Certificate Mandatory

  3. How to Reduce Firefox RAM Usage On your Computer

  4. How to Remove Close button from Firefox Tabs

  5. Disable Automatic Virus Scan by Firefox

  6. How to disable Session Restore On Firefox

Firefox GUI Tweaks

Here is a list of simple browser tweaks without having much technical knowledge. These GUI based changes will help you to customize the browser installed on your computer. You can refer these articles when you see some features are disabled on the browser and fix the issues.
  1. Disable Firefox Software Automatic Update Check

  2. Disable Multiple Mozilla Firefox Browser Tabs Closing Warning

  3. Update Firefox Browser to Latest Version to Avoid Known Vulnerabilities

  4. Another Instance of Firefox is Running On Your Computer

  5. How to Change Default email Application On Firefox

  6. Keyboard Trick to Rotate Firefox Tabs

  7. How to Remove Saved Passwords from Firefox 3.5 and above

  8. How to Enable Spell Check On Firefox Window

  9. Restore Recently Closed Tabs On Firefox Browser

  10. Different Methods to Clear cookies from Firefox 3.5 and above

  11. How to enable POPUP blocker On Firefox

  12. How to view saved passwords from Firefox browser

Browser Installation Issues

Just like any other software products, Firefox too can cause issues while installing on your computer. This section points to articles dealing with installation issues and any updates related to new features available on Firefox.
  1. XULRunner Error: Platform version '' is not compatible with minVersion

  2. Firefox Added Do Not Track (DNT ) Feature

  3. Oops! Firefox could not find HTTP

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