How to Recover Router Password

I had been working for a router manufacturer company's tech support for one year. Most of the time in SOHO customer care service, I was receiving calls regarding issues with lost router password. The complaints were like customer forgot router password, she could not log in to her wireless router or the password she set for the router was no longer working, etc.. Most of the time customer set a different password for their wireless router by changing the default password, and later they failed to recall the password from memory. They need a way to recover their lost router password.

How to recover Lost Router Password
Unfortunately for Routers belong to standard Small Office Home Office devices category, there is no lost password recovery procedure like on high-end routers. So practically we cannot recover the lost password and save the current router settings. However, we have a process to follow in case of lost modem/router password. To learn the right steps to follow while trying to recover a modem password, follow the guide given below.

  1. Check for the Old Router Password
    In this step, we should try to pick the old router password from either memory or any written documents. For an average user, there is a chance that he may write down the router password in his diary or other papers. Another workaround is to ask the customer to use word combinations with significant importance in his life.

  2. Try the Default Username and Password to login Router
    Sometimes the user may never change his default router username and password. So it is worth to try the default username and password to log in his router. The default username and password is a combination of admin. Have a look at the possible combinations given below.

    1. Try both username and password as admin

    2. Username is admin and leaves the password field blank

    3. Username is blank and the password is admin

  3. Reset Router Settings

    If the above two options won't work, the last one is reset and reconfigure your router. To know the steps to reset your router click on the link below.
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    After resetting the router, you should reconfigure it to get your Internet connection back. To do this, check the link below.

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If you have a router from a different manufacturer, follow the user manual to configure the router better.

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