Mozilla Firefox Browser Keeps Crashing and Freezing

Firefox browser from Mozilla group is one of the popular browsers in the market. It is a fast and technologically superior browser.

However, some users (including me) felt frequent crashes and freezing issues with the Firefox browser. Let us check why the Firefox browser causes freezing and crashing on a device and fix the problem.

I fixed Firefox Freezing Problem Permanently on my Computer.

The first part of this tutorial checks the reasons for a Firefox browser crash on a computer. The second part will teach you how to avoid frequent Firefox browser freezing and crashing issues.

Why does Firefox Browser Freeze or Crash?

  1. Outdated BrowserAn outdated browser version is the number one cause of the freezing and crashing of the Firefox browser on a device.
  2. Too many ExtensionsThe second reason for the Firefox freezing problem is too many installed extensions.
  3. Too many Cookies and Site Data You might not have cleared the browser cookies and cache for a while. Firefox will show problems once it has a lot of saved site data and cookies.
  4. Presence of Malware Applications on your DeviceMalware applications like adware always push your browser to open new websites. It will create problems with the smooth working of the Firefox browser, and eventually, it will freeze or crash.

You have checked the reasons for the frequent hanging and crashing of the Firefox browser installed on your laptop. Now, let us check how to fix the Firefox hanging and crashing problem.

Fix Continues Firefox Hanging and Crashing

  1. Update the BrowserMost time, Firefox will alert you when you need to update the browser. But, sometimes, it may not happen. So, you must check it manually.
    • Start the browser.
    • Tap the Application Menu icon on the right-top of the window.
    • Tap the Help.
    • Click the About Firefox.
    • Firefox will check for the latest version automatically.

    Firefox will tell whether you have an up-to-date version or an obsolete version. If it is an outdated version, you need to update it.

  2. Delete Site Data and CookiesIf your browser runs on the latest version, the next step to resolve hanging problems is to delete Cookies and Site Data on Firefox.
    • Start the browser.
    • Click the Application Menu.
    • Click on History.
    • Click on Clear Recent History.
    • Clear All History.Make sure you have the following settings.
      Time Range to Clear: Everything Check all tick boxes.
    • Click OK.

    Run Firefox, and check whether it hangs or crashes again. If it does not show any problems, you do not need to go for the next steps.

  3. Disable Firefox ExtensionsOccasionally Extensions installed on Firefox will show some bugs and slow down the browser. Having too many Extensions also slows down and eventually hangs Firefox.

    To check whether a particular Extension is hanging Firefox, we need to disable them and run the browser.

    We should run Firefox with one Extension at a time to identify the problem maker. Let us check how to disable an Extension on Firefox.
    • Start the browser and tap the Application Menu.
    • Tap the Add-ons and Themes.
    • Click the Extensions from the side menu.Click the blue button to disable the Extensions.
    Run the browser and check for any problems. If the browser does not freeze, we need to isolate the Extension that slows down the browser.  
  4. Run a System Scan to Remove Malware As I mentioned before, malware applications like adware can troubles Firefox. We should scan the entire device with a reputable malware scanner to find and delete malware applications.
  5. Uninstall and ReinstallIf nothing works, the final solution for freezing Firefox is to uninstall and reinstall it.

    You can remove Firefox on the Android tab and phone from the Settings App.

    You can remove Firefox on a Windows computer from the Add or Remove Programs.

    After uninstalling it, you should do a clean installation. Then check whether the Firefox browser hangs or crashes on your Android Phone or Windows Laptop.  
  6. Send Crash ReportThe final step is to report the Firefox problem to the Mozilla team. You can contact them via crash report.See the Firefox crash report below.

    You can write down your unique problems to the Mozilla team. They will check your feedback and fix the problem in their next Firefox version.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned the reasons and solutions for Firefox browser hanging issues. Let us know your feedback on this guide using the email address provided on the Contact page.