Only registered domains are allowed to Display Imageshack Hosted Images

Last time when I checked my blog, I shocked to see that all images in my blog turned to a picture of a yellow frog in an ice cube. There was a warning in that picture "Domain Unregistered. To view register at". I am hosting most of my images in ImageShack because it is easy to use and they are doing a great service for free. Anyway, I log on to my ImageShack account and registered my domain name with a small description of my website. Within a few minutes, all the images in my blog started showing and the picture of yellow flog is no more. Maybe imageshack took such a decision ( only registered domains are allowed to display images hosted in ImageShack )to avoid any misuse of their service but I strongly believe I did not get any information from them prior to suspending showing images on my blog.

Only registered domains are allowed to display imageshack hosted images

All my images hosted in Imageshack turned to the above image and they turned back to original images after registering my domain name with them.

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  1. My blog had a couple of background images that made use of imageshack. Yesterday I started to see the frog picture instead of the background. I was so annoyed with imageshack for doing this without a warning that I have removed the images.

    They were unnecessary anyways and my blog is even faster now.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    You should register your domain with imageshack. It just take a few minutes only.

  3. Hi Gautam,

    You should register the domain name of the website where you want to display images hosted in imageshack

  4. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Help me! I am using an iPod and I subscribe to blogs so that regular updates on those blogs will be emailed to me. But I can't view the images from the blog posts in my mail on the iPod! What should I do???

  5. Celeste12:09 AM

    I am using my iPod and uses it to check my mail regularly. And I also subscribe to blogs so that regular updates will be sent to me. But I noticed tat the images that are hosted by imageshack will change to the frog pic from the blog posts. But when go to those blogs, I can see the pics. What should I do???

  6. It is because the feedburner (or the feed provider) domain is not yet registered with imageshack.


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