Getting Warning, This Site May be Compromised in Google Search Results

Today morning I got a call from one of my friends who is running an e-commerce website. His users are getting a warning about his website in Google Search Results,  This Site May be Compromised. He has no clue about how this error happened and there is no symptom of virus infection in his server. There are no Antivirus popups which saying potentially harmful site while loading his website in our computer. So I told him to login to his Google webmaster tools account and check whether there is any message from Google.

In webmaster tools account we found a message with headline "Notice of Suspected Hacking on --- ".
hack website

We got a list of sample URLs which are injected by third party sources. It helped us to identify the source and removed these files. Surprisingly there was no review link provided in Google Webmaster tools. So we believe Google will automatically check the pages after we remove the unwanted pages and remove the label "This Site May be Compromised".

"This Site May be Compromised" Vs "This site may harm your computer"

“This site may harm your computer” link is applicable to the websites where some malicious content present. For other websites which do not have malicious codes but have a strong reason to believe as a compromised (hacked )will be labeled as "This Site May be Compromised". Since my friend's website do not have any malicious page, it is being labeled as "This Site May be Compromised".

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How to Fix "This Site May be Compromised" Issue

This flag is for websites having pages injected by third party sources. So all we need to do is check the server one by one and remove any suspicious script and pages. There is a chance of hidden pages and links in our server so we should be extremely careful while checking these injected pages. Since our website is already hacked, it is better to change the ftp and hosting manager user name and password to prevent further injection.

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