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Last Updated:-March 08, 2011
How about using a standalone editor for your blog to write a new post? ScribeFire offers a Mozilla Firefox add-on, which lets users write new blog posts using the browser itself without using the default text editor provided by your CMS platform.  You do not worry about the limited facilities you are getting while using the default editor. This new addon is feature rich and helps you to improve the quality of your publishing articles. This new editor is fully featured with image uploading, YouTube video integration etc. At the first time when we start using ScribeFire editor, we need to set up this tool for our blog account. Right now it supports following platforms.


2. LiveJournal

3. Xanga

4. Windows Live Spaces

5. Performancing

6. Jeeran

7. Tumblr

8. MySpace

9. b2Evolution

10. Splinde

11. Drupal

12. Blogger

After configuring ScribeFire with your blog, you can start to write and publish posts using this editor. You may find the new tool very useful and feature rich. Now, let us check the installation process of this new tool.

Install ScribeFire Blog Editor Firefox Addon

In order to add this addon to Firefox, follow the steps below.
  1. Click on Add to Firefox button

  2. Installation process

    Now Firefox may prompt you to click on the Allow button to continue the installation. You should click on Allow to continue.
    Install to write and publish

  3. You should click on Install now to continue. Now you will see a window like this and you may need to wait a few seconds.

  4. After installing this add-on, you will be prompted to restart the browser.
    How to make WordPress

    Click on Restart Firefox.

Start working with ScribeFire

Now let us check the working of this tool. Press [F8] to get the editor and it is very unfriendly with many facilities. You can see a screenshot below.


This time you may be asked to set up your blog details with it. Here I am adding my blog URL to set up the account. After entering the URL, click on next button to continue the process.


Where to download

If you are interested in this pluggin, you can download it for free. To download ScribeFire addon, click on the link below.

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