Traffic Required to Earn $100 Per Day From Google AdSense

Before the introduction of the Google AdSense program, it was not so easy to earn from a website without getting direct ads from sponsors.

Until then, earning from websites had been difficult for a small Webmaster.

Only Big Guns enjoyed the benefits of getting direct ads from potential clients.

The introduction of AdSense proved even small Webmasters and Bloggers can earn a decent amount of money from their online presence and showed them a new career.

Does Google AdSense suit every website?

But how can a blogger or webmaster determine if Google AdSense is the right program for their website to earn money?

They should get a rough idea of how much money they can get from the AdSense program.

We can calculate the average daily AdSense income by analyzing the daily traffic.

In this article, you can get a rough idea of possible AdSense income from a website by calculating the amount of traffic it gets per day.

This tutorial calculates the required daily website page views to earn $100 from Google AdSense.

Let's Check the Minimum Traffic Required to Earn $100 Per Day from Google AdSense

The simple calculation below will give you an idea of the daily web traffic required to earn $100.

Here, we assume the website (or blog) gets quality traffic (traffic from Search Engines) and advertisements units are at the correct positions.

The number of visitors is not equal to the number of page views.

A single visitor can create multiple page views. So, we consider the total page views a more relevant factor (AdSense also pays for impressions).

So, let us calculate the minimum page views required to earn 100 dollars from a blog in a day.

Traffic Required To Make $100/day

Here we go.

  1. Our target is $100 per day.

  2. Average CTR = 1.5% ( is the normal CTR for a website).

  3. Average CPC = $0.2 (Depends on many factors. { The medium of different CPCs from different countries and possible CPM revenues} ).

  4. Page Impressions = 1.5 X { Unique Visitors (Traffic) } -----> We assume an ordinary visitor visits 1.5 pages on a website.

    CPM means Cost Per 1000 Impressions.

    AdSense occasionally shows CPM ads. CPM ad units generate income from impressions.

  5. Web Traffic Source Country

    We assume this website receives mixed traffic from various countries.

The Formula to Find Potential Google AdSense Income From a Blog

Here, we check the potential AdSense income from a blog. So to find the required traffic to earn $100, the formula is:

Clicks * CPC =Income

Where clicks = CTR * Page Impressions --->Where CTR is in percentage.

Here Clicks = 100/ 0.2

= 500

CTR = [Clicks /Page Impressions] * 100

1.5 = [500/ Page Views ]* 100

=> Page Views = (500 * 100 )/ 1.5

=> Page Views = 50000 / 1.5

=> Page Views = 33333.33

To earn $100 per day from Google AdSense with CTR 1.5 and CPC 0.2, we need 33333 Page views. In our assumption, Page Views is the multiple of 1.5 * Visits (traffic).

By the term web traffic, we consider the number of unique visitors.


Traffic = Page Views / Pages visited by unique visitor

= 33333 / 1.5

= 22222

So, the required traffic to our website to earn $100 per day is 22222 unique visits.

PS: It is my calculation based on my webmaster experience, and it does not ensure that 33333 page views will get you $100 from Google Adsense. To acquire more income from AdSense, the webmaster must apply different strategies to improve the CTR and use more high-paying keywords to increase CPC.

Predicting the AdSense Income From Your Blog

Now, you can answer anyone who asks how he can make $100 a day with Google AdSense.

You can also explain to a blogger how much he can earn in a day from AdSense by showing this calculation.

I recommend you use this calculation with some logical addition if your niche is not technology.

Different niches show different CPC and CTR. CoreNetworkZ has multiple tutorials on this topic. If you have doubts, you can contact me through our support forum.