How Much Traffic Needed to Earn $100 Per Day From Google Adsense

Before the introduction of the Google AdSense program, it was not so easy to earn from a website without getting direct ads from sponsors. Since that time earning from website had been tough for small webmasters. Only big guns enjoyed the benefits of getting direct ads from potential clients. It is AdSense which proved even small webmasters and bloggers can earn a decent amount of money from their online presence and showed them a new path in their career. But how can a blogger or webmaster determine, Google AdSense is the right program for their website to earn money? It is better for them if they can get a rough idea about how much money they can get from the AdSense program. We can calculate the average daily AdSense income from a blog by analyzing the possible available traffic to it. In this article, you can get a rough idea of possible AdSense income from a website by calculating the amount of traffic it gets per day. In this article we calculate how much visits required to achieve $100 from a website per day.

Let's Check the Minimum Traffic Required to Earn $100 Per Day from Google AdSense

The simple calculation provided below will give you an idea of required traffic to earn $100 per day. Here we assume that you are getting quality traffic (traffic from Search Engines) and ads are placed in right positions.

Average traffic to get $100 per day

Here we go...

i. Our target is $100 per day.

ii. Average CTR = 1.5% (It is normal CTR for a website)

iii. Average CPC = $0.2 ( Depends many factors )

  1. CPC = Cost Per Click
    To read more about this follow the link below.
    What is CPC and How to Calculate it

  2. CTR = Click Through Rate
    To read more about it follow the link below.
    What is CTR and How to Calculate it

iv. Page Impressions = 1.5 X { Unique Visitors (Traffic) } ----> Again normal calculation as an ordinary visitor visits 1.5 pages on a website.

The formula to Find Potential Google AdSense Income From a Blog

Here we check the potential AdSense income from a blog. So to find the required traffic to earn $100, the formula is:

Clicks * CPC =Income   Where clicks = CTR * Page Impressions --->Where CTR is in percent

Here Clicks = 100/ 0.2

= 500

CTR = [Clicks /Page Impressions] * 100

1.5 = [500/ Page Views ]* 100

=> Page Views = (500 * 100 )/ 1.5

=> Page Views = 50000 / 1.5

=> Page Views = 33333.33

Now to earn $ 100 per day with CTR 1.5 and CPC 0.2 we need 33333 Pageviews. In our assumption Page Views is the multiple of 1.5 * Visits (traffic).


Traffic = Page Views / Pages visited by unique visitor

= 33333 / 1.5

= 22222

So the required traffic to our website to earn $100 per day is 22222 visits.

If you have any doubt in above calculation please comment on it.

PS: It is my personal calculation and it does not ensure that 33333 page views will get you $100 from Google Adsense. To get more income from AdSense it is the webmaster's duty to apply different strategies to improve the CTR and use more high paying keywords to increase CPC.

Predicting the AdSense Income From Your Blog

So this calculation tells how important to get more traffic to earn from Google Adsense. If you are looking for a simple tweak to improve the blogger blog traffic, follow the link below.
How to Optimize Blogger Template for More Traffic

Even if you are getting high traffic to your website, without an AdSense account you won't get any benefit. Below link tells the important criteria to get a new Google Adsense account (fully personal opinion).
Most Common Reasons for Google AdSense Application Rejections

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  1. how to get 10$ a day how much pageviews required and also check out my site

  2. Hi Shree,

    Adsense income is also depends on the Cost Per click of the ads display on your blog. Your blog is a technology related so I assume the average CPC as $0.2 and Click Though Rate as 1.5

    So for $10 your blog require 3333 page views per day. This is my rough calculation.

  3. I earn 2 dollars a day. Can you help me increase my blog traffic, in order to generate more clicks and impression. Thanks

  4. Please follow the tips provided in the below link to improve your adsense earning and traffic.

    Get more traffic to your blog

  5. Mine Blog :
    I dnt Hav adsence bt vl get soon ,,,

  6. rakesh1:56 AM

    My Blog is earn money related how to get S10 per day.?Thanks.

  7. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Pageviews today 1651
    Pageviews yesterday 1739
    Pageviews last month 37,160
    Pageviews all time history 131,558

    my site its started about 3 months only it is getting 1000 page views daily how much can i earn with google and google alternatives

  8. Siju George10:56 PM

    Nice stats congrats. However, your niche is a low paying one. So you may not expect high income though your blog has decent traffic.

  9. there are many other affilated programs like google ad sense which even pays more

  10. hey buddy!! I am Aadesh from Pakistan and my blog is " ". My question is can i earn money by cut & paste way?? From other sites??

  11. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I have daily 200 page views.and my blog is two moths when i applied to adsense.?

  12. Siju George10:37 AM


    According to adsense guidelines they need a website at least older than 6 months to apply for adsense.

  13. Siju George11:23 AM


    You should write quality unique content for your blog to earn from adsense. You cannot copy and paste from other websites.


    You need more content on your blog. Keep writing and you will get nice traffic.

  14. nice article.
    I have a blog and i want to earn $10 per day but traffic is too low. what can i do?

  15. Anonymous6:40 AM

    This RAJARAM my boger daily 500 views
    but disproved to the google adsens
    please check my bloger
    you will advise me sir,


    1. google approved adsense only for recognised laguages as per google terms. telugu language does not supported for adsense policy. write content in english with above 40 posts in your blog than reapply for adsense.

  16. Siju George6:44 AM

    Hi Rajaram,

    Getting 500 views per day is good and keep working on it. However, your blog niche (I made star in your URL) is not supported by Google adsense. If you want to earn from Google adsense please start a blog in adsense supported niches.

  17. Jyoti Raja3:04 AM

    My bog is getting 1000 visits per day. How much money from adsense I can expect per month ?

  18. Admin3:06 AM

    Hi Jyoti,

    without knowing the niche, CTR etc we cannot estimate the Adsense potential of your blog.

  19. What does mean CTR and how can I find how many Cost Per Clicks I could have. My blog has 9,248 (9248) visits per week. However this site says that I have 54600 dayly visitors and 120120 visits per day: , It's Daily Revenue is estimated to $451 USD, but I don't believe it. What do you think, how much could I earn per day?

  20. Thanks admin for such a nice question is -my daily pageviews is around 30 and my blog is 33 days old is this OK or not and my blog is ok for adsense approval

  21. Siju George5:58 AM

    Hi Johny,

    First of all thanks for reading my blog and congrats for having a blog with 9,248 visits per week. Let me answer your questions one by one.

    1. CTR = Total Clicks on ads displayed on your blog/ Total page impressions

    What is CTR and How to Calculate your blog's CTR

    2. Blog Visits and income shows an estimated number and it cannot be true. To know the actual visitor count for your blog either you should install Google analytics code or check the Stats count integrated in blogger.

    3. Earning

    As I mentioned, the amount (potential) shown by statscrop is not a real value. About your blog: Since your blog discuss topics which are not in Adsense approved niches, I afraid your blog does not have the potential to earn as a technology or other high CPC blogs.

    How to Calculate CPC

  22. Siju George6:11 AM


    Getting 30 Page views for a one month old technology blog is a nice start. However, to get adsense approval your blog should be at least 6 month old.

  23. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I am using BuySellAds to monetize my blog. I am actually confused how much i should charge for my ads place. Do BuySellAds accept me if I charge $100 for an ads slot ? I can give you my blog URL if you want.

  24. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Can you tell me is Adsense or BuySellAds pay more?

  25. Got approved in adsense recently.
    I m getting 300 pageviews daily.
    How much i will earn per month???

  26. Siju George10:07 PM

    @ Abhijit,

    First of all Congrats. You just wait and see the average CPC and CTR you are getting. Using that details you can easily find an estimate of your website's Adsense potential.

  27. sir

    my name is prasad,am from tirupathi india am very new to blog is
    just opened and created adsense and blogging about to Tirumala Sri vekateswara swamy. please let me give details regarding my blog


  28. 14,567 page views
    387 clicks earning only 29 dollars.

    is it is good or very low?

  29. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Thanks I am earning $1 per day from adsense. I will improve it to $100

  30. Admin8:51 AM

    @ Lucky Prasad,

    I read your blog, very informative. Write more about the temple, prayers, how to reach temple, important festivals etc. It will improve the traffic to your blog.

  31. Admin9:06 AM

    Hi Yashi,

    Your CTR is 2.65 and it is good for a blogger.

    Your CPC seems very low. With 387 clicks you should have earned more than $29. However, CPC depends on niche.

  32. once check my website and tell hw it is

  33. Admin9:08 AM


    You have a nice website but the Facebook like script loading every time I open a page on your blog seems a little annoying. How about your daily visit and page views ?

  34. my website is following
    can u give comments on this regarding eraning and potential of site!
    i have 1000+ unique visitors daily on my site

  35. Hi Latif,

    I have checked your website and seems a good site with valuable information for job hunters. Having 1000 unique visitors per day is a good stats and I wonder not seeing any ads on your website ...

    You should more focus on the URL of your pages (for eg: and make sure your page URL is keyword rich.

  36. Sir, your post is very interesting and my blog address is
    can u tell me what changes must i do to get more ad clicks

  37. Admin1:54 AM

    Hi Ajay,

    You have a nice blog and I can see you have a consistent post frequency. That is good.If you remove some of the popups on your blog, you will get more ads clicks. Script to get more Facebook likes and 'welcome to my blog' script seems a little bit annoying.

  38. Hello, I'm getting around 700 daily pageviews. Could you suggest how much I can make through adsense ?

  39. Admin1:25 PM

    Hi Vinod,

    You have a nice theme based blog. Revenue from AdSense depends on many factors like where the traffic from (eg: US traffic has higher monetary value than Indian traffic right now), Social traffic or Search Engine traffic (Search Engine traffic is high quality traffic compared to other modes), CPC of ads (brands whose ads showing on your blog) etc.

    You should carefully analyze the above facts and compare them with the calculation provided in the article. Best of luck with your blogging career..

  40. Wow you are good in mathematics. By your calculation I get $1 per day from adsense program. Surprise... it is same like how you calculated.

  41. Fawad9:58 AM

    My traffic per day is 250, that is very less,how much I earn from this traffic. My blog is

  42. Hi Fawad, thanks for your comment. I found your website much interesting and glad to see you update it regularly. Since gadgets are good paying niche, your website has huge potential. Try to improve your website's traffic.

  43. Maxpanna10:01 AM

    how to i get approved from adsense. my blog is only two month old. See my blog

  44. To get Adsense account, your blog should be at least 6 month old with a lot of useful quality content. To get more information visit the link below.

  45. can you please give me some suggestions to get ads in blog

  46. sir check my blog and tell me daily adsense revenue

  47. My website has passed the first approval test but ads are appearing blank after inserting code. How long does is take to show ads after blank ads??

  48. Venkat10:12 AM


    I started a blog, which now has 300 daily visits. Please see my blog at and suggest ways to improve the traffic. It is only two months old

  49. @ Venkat,

    You have a nice blog. Keep writing more good articles, you will get more traffic in future. Do not forget doing SEO for your blog.

  50. 46,074 page views
    413 clicks earning only 48 dollars.

    is it is good or very low?
    my site:-

  51. @MD Rafee,
    I have visited your blog and the CTR of 0.9% is very good with the sum of total earning $48. Keep it up.

  52. Hi Admin,

    This is Bekal, I have local search website for UAE. i have only 400/d viewer until now. CPC is 1$. how many viewer i required to earn 1000$/m? And also how to popular my website.

  53. Hi Bekal,

    Earning from online business using Google AdSense require higher number of visitors unless you are selling products or services. To gain more traffic to your site, you must popularize its brand and use the already established platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

    To earn $1000/month with $1 CPC, you can use the same calculation given in this tutorial but you may change the average CPC $0.2 with $i. You may need the CTR from the AdSense report to complete the calculation.

  54. Our Site earns $180 a day with Google Adsense

  55. @ viral glitch ,
    That is an impressive number. Congrats.

  56. Hi Srinivas,

    Thanks for the extra information

  57. Anonymous5:15 PM

    My problem is that my page view is not the same with the one on my Adsense account, can you help me

  58. @nigerianscitizens,

    Which tool you are using to check your website page views?

    If it is Google analytics, it is common that there is a difference between page views reported by AdSense with it. Major reason is the lack of AdSense ads for certain page views.

  59. Most of the cases you have shown the terms and how to calculate google adsense earning. But need more concrete way to earn more from adsense. Can you please tell me how much I can expect earning from my website as this site is getting 5000 page views daily.

  60. @Dipu

    You have a beautiful website and I am happy to hear that has 5000 page views a day. Here is a few suggestions from me.

    1. Check your website loading time. It would be great if you reduce it a bit more

    2. It is better place Ads inside the content rather than at the end of the posts.

  61. Nice information, keep it up.

  62. A very good article my site needs to have more traffic then

  63. nice one, hope my web will get $100 per day.

  64. such a nice artical...


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