Cannot Access A Website in BSNL Connection

Last Updated:-April 19, 2011
I can surely say today is one of my bad days because I didn't understand the real reasons for blocking one of my client's website in my office. I could even ping this e-commerce website successfully but not able to open it on any browser (I tried Firefox, Opera, Chrome and IE). I spend hours to troubleshoot this issue without any results. I am unable to access one website via BSNL Internet connection but all other domains are fine. At first, I thought it is my computer which is blocking the website and I wasted a lot of time by troubleshooting without knowing the actual reason. The error message we are getting while trying access this website via BSNL connection is "403 Forbidden -You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request ". We are facing this issue only on BSNL connection and we can access the same site via Tata broadband and Reliance connection. I called some other friends who are using BSNL connection to verify it. They all have the same problem and the culprit is confirmed. I tried to access the website by typing the IP address instead of the domain name without success.

What to Do If BSNL Blocks a Website

This article explains the steps I have done to fix the issue of unable to access my client's website with BSNL Internet connection.
  1. Changed the Default BSNL DNS address

    I changed the DNS address configured on my computer. Sometimes the corrupted ISP DNS server can prevent domains from opening. I changed the default DNS settings with Open DNS address. Despite all my expectations, this step failed. However, I strongly suggest you change your default DNS details on your PC if certain domains are blocked on your computer from ISP side. Some of my previous DNS related articles are:

  2. Disabled Firewall and Antivirus

    Wrongly configured Internet Security suit can block a website on a laptop. So I disabled all security programs on my computer but the issue persists.

  3. Checked the host file

    Any wrong entries in host file can block specific domain name. I checked for any new entries in host file but failed to find any.

  4. Results of Ping and Tracert operations

    I can successfully ping the website from the command prompt but tracert operation failed at first hop itself. It seems very strange to me. The screenshot is added below but I want to remove my client's website name from the picture.
    cable broadband blocks a website

    It seems BSNL modem itself is blocking the packets (from tracert test) to the specific website and that is why the website is not opening in BSNL Internet connection. Then how comes ping operation work? I am very much confused at this point.

  5. Accessing the blocked website via Proxy Server

    Whenever I try to access this site via proxy servers, I can access the website. So it is clear that something from BSNL end is wrong and that is why I am unable to Access this site.

  6. Reset browser settings and removed all unwanted plugin

    It seems my computer is able to communicate with the website (ping test) but browsers are not. So I reset the browser settings and removed all unwanted add-on.

  7. Only BSNL is blocking this Domain

    I have double checked the issue with other ISPs (Reliance and Tata communication) and there is no issue with accessing this website.

  8. Opera Turbo enabled (Updated Tip)

    After enabling Turbo, I can access this site on Opera browser. Click here to see more details.
    Start Opera Turbo

Experience With BSNL Customer Service

I called BSNL customer service for more assistance and they agreed the issue seems to be from BSNL. They suggested me to perform the following steps.
  1. Reset and Reconfigure BSNL Modem

    We reset and reconfigured the modem but the issue persists. I cannot open the site even after reconfiguring the modem.
    How to Reset BSNL Modem to Factory Default Settings

  2. Bridge the BSNL Modem

    MY BSNL modem is configured in PPPoE mode and we changed it to bridge mode. Though we bridged the modem, it also failed.

Since both steps failed, they gave me one of their supervisor's email address and requested to send him an email regarding this issue. Anyway, I would like to add one thing, the BSNL customer care executive was very helpful and kind. Even though the issue is not fixed I would like to thank her for her efforts.

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  1. It is definitely a BSNL problem. I too cannot access my blog in my home. I am using BSNL data one connection. Can you tell me how to open my blocked blog ?

  2. dude you didnt give solution?

  3. Yes you are right, I couldn't solve the issue but I tried most of the possible troubleshooting steps at user end.

    The issue is 100 percent from ISP end and there was nothing much I could do. Even Technical Support guys were helpless. Anyway thanks for reading my blog and your kind comment.

  4. @ Sunil Kumar

    Thanks for your addition.

    @ Ram

    You can use proxy services for opening your blocked blog in your home. For more details click on the link below.

  5. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Same problem here... I think BSNL blocks some IP ranges, thats why these sites doesn't open... I have a question, How to unblock such IPs from BSNL network?

  6. Siju George9:27 AM

    The only option is to contact BSNL technical support and ask then to fix the issue. As a temporary solution we can use proxy software to bypass this filtering.

  7. Anonymous12:28 AM

    are lol log it happens with me just go to your domain pannel and enter the name server wich google give and just put a bansl dns server in dns manager then say thnx if it works :P


  8. i got solutions for BSNL first Set your modem in Bridge mode and install addition router for wireless service and Wireless DSL Router Configure WAN in PPPOE model then check only thing is that you need to install 1-ADSL Modem and 1-DSL Wireless Router.


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