List Of Free Proxy Software and Web Proxy Servers To Browse Anonymously

A proxy server is a middle man acting between your computer and the web server. For example, if you are accessing Google from your computer using a proxy named X, your computer is not receiving information directly from Google but X is receiving services and send it back to your computer. So naturally the web server does not know your computer and it thinks it served X. So by using a proxy server, theoretically you can browse anonymously and also help you to bypass firewall restrictions too. This guide gives a short introduction of Proxy Servers with a number of popular server addresses. There are two types of Proxy services.
  1. client based (Software Installed on your PC)

  2. Web-based proxy servers (No is software installed on your PC)
If you are expecting high anonymity, you must go for premium servers but for normal users, a web-based proxy server is enough. Here I give a list of free popular servers.

1. Client Based

Please note that some proxy software products might contain malware and user should use it at their own risk. CoreNetworkZ is not providing any guaranty for the proxy software provided below.

  1. CCProxy

    You can download and install on your computer to start to browse anonymously. In addition to anonymous surfing, CCProxy offers features like DSL sharing, cable modem sharing, wireless sharing, satellite sharing, parent proxy server connection sharing etc. To download and install CCProxy, click on the link provided below.

  2. u.exe - ultrasurf

    Another famous free proxy software is u.exe. We can install this proxy software on our computer (Windows-based) and surf anonymously. To download U.exe -Ultrasurf clicks on the link below.

  3. A4Proxy

    This is a free proxy software which you can download and install on your Windows-based computer. Download link of A4Proxy is:

  4. JonDonym - Browse Anonymously

    It is an open source free software proxy which helps you to browse anonymously and bypass firewall restrictions. To download it, click on the link below.

  5. I recommend Tor Proxy if you are looking for a free highly anonymous service. You can read more about it here.
    Tor Proxy Review

2. Free Web Based Proxy Servers

  1. Some tested United States proxies








  2. Some Tested Indian Proxies




  3. Some Tested United Kingdom proxies




  4. Malaysian Proxies



Proxy servers are iterating between your computer and rest of the Internet. The request from your computer goes to the proxy server and it resubmits the request to the actual destination. So they will get the IP address of the proxy server instead of your computer's IP address and your privacy will not be compromised. The same principle is used for bypassing the firewall. The firewall detects the address of the proxy server instead of the blocked website. So the packets will go through the firewall.

Your computer------------->Proxy Server------->Website

Major Uses

There is two kind of uses from a real proxy server.
  1. Hiding your Identity in the Internet

  2. Bypassing restrictions

Advanced Services

Proxy servers have many uses other than just anonymous surfing and bypassing the firewall restrictions. In large enterprises, the proxy server is associated with a gateway server that separates the enterprise network from the outside network and protects the enterprise network from outside intrusion. That means a good proxy server can act as a firewall. It can also act as a cache and so virtually the Internet speed can be increased.

Types Of Proxy Servers

They are classified according to the way, they operate.
  1. Caching

  2. Web-based

  3. Content-filtering

  4. Hostile

  5. Intercepting

  6. Transparent and non-transparent

Testing a Proxy

It is better you check your IP address when you are using a proxy server to detect how much anonymous you are. So of the IP address checking tools I use are:







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