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How to Configure Idea 4G & 3G With Faster Internet APN Settings on Android Phone?

After merging with Vodafone India, Idea Cellular Services formed a new company called Vodafone Idea Limited. The new company is offering high-speed data services for its customers.

This article teaches you how to configure your Android Phone with the fastest Vodafone Idea Limited APN settings. By activating the correct 4G APN settings, you can increase the average Idea Internet speed on your handset.

Let us check where to get the latest Idea 4G Net Settings for your device.

How to Get Latest Idea 4G Internet Settings?

  1. Get Idea Net Settings Automatically
    When you activate Idea GPRS, 4G or 3G Internet on your Android phone, your phone will receive the automatic settings.

    If you have not received it automatically, you may visit the link below on another device and enter your Mobile Connection Number.

  2. Manual APN Settings

    Sometimes you may need to configure the Access Point and GPRS settings for Idea (both GSM second and third generation) connection manually on your Android phone.

    To enter the APN Settings manually, follow the instructions provided below.

Steps to Configure Idea 4G/ GPRS/ 3G on Android
  1. Click on Applications

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click on Wireless and Networks

  4. Click on Mobile networks

  5. Go to Access Point Names (APN)

  6. Create New APN (you can get this option by pressing the left button)

To activate the Idea Data service, you need to enter the following details. Once you entered the details, the Idea will activate 4G data service on your Phone.

Name Idea gprs
APN internet
Proxy < - not set - >
Port < - not set - >
Username < - not set - >
Password < - not set - >
Server < - not set - >
MMSC < - not set - >
MMS proxy < - not set - >
MMS port < - not set - >
MCC 404
MNC 19
Authentication type none
APN type default, supl

In case if you delete the previous configuration, it is better to know how to set up the same settings again by yourself.

A wrong Access Point Name can stop you from accessing their mobile broadband service.

So if you deleted the existing Idea GPRS APN, you should re-insert the SIM again to get automatic settings from the Vodafone Idea LTD.

What If The Idea 4G APN Is Not Working?

In rare cases, some Idea 4G customers find the default APN is not working on their Phones.

If the above settings do not work on your Phone, you should visit the idea cellular website and request auto APN for your Idea SIM.

You can do it by visiting the link below.

how to Increase Idea Internet Speed?
There are multiple factors affecting the net data transfer speed from Idea Cellular Network.

  • Signal strength is the most important factor which affects the Idea 4G Internet speed.

  • Big constructions and natural barriers (like hills) between the tower and your Phone will reduce the speed.

  • Sharing Idea 4G among multiple devices will reduce the Net speed on each device.

  • If you are looking for the steps to get maximum speed from Idea 4G, you may click the link below and follow the instructions.

    The below Idea 4G Speed hack will give you better data speed on your PC using Mobile WiFi.

    Boost Idea 4G Data Transfer Speed

Important Tips
  1. Steps to Activate Idea 3G on Android

    This manual setting valid for every mobile broadband connection.

    To activate data connection, follow the steps provided in the link below.

    How to Activate Mobile broadband on your Smart Phone

  2. How to Recharge Idea 3G on a Handset

    You can recharge Idea 3G and 4G using the existing balance on your account or by recharging with a specific amount.

    To get the latest Idea Offers type *121# on your Mobile Phone.

    PS: The below USSD codes no longer works
    Dial  *150* 107#  to get 300MB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 30 days
    Dial  *150* 199#  to get 600MB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 30 days
    Dial  *150* 249#  to get 1GB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 30 days
    Dial  *150* 348#  to get 1.5GB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 30 days
    Dial  *150* 448#  to get 2GB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 30 days
    Dial  *150* 595#  to get 2GB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 60 days

    Vodafone Idea LTD may change the tariff plans over time. Click on the link below to get the latest plans.

    For the wrong recharge amount, they may send invalid request error.

  3. How to Check The Remaining Idea 3G Data Balance

    The idea doesn't send alerts of remaining data balance.

    So we may continue to use the Internet even though the data balance is exhausted.

    Then the Idea Cellular network deducts money from the main balance for the rest of the data.

    To avoid this situation, you must check the remaining data balance. Use the USSD code to check the remaining data balance.

    Dial *125#  

  4. To configure BSNL GPRS on your Android phone, click on the link below.
    How to Configure BSNL GPRS on Android Phone

  5. Speed differences in 2G, GPRS, and HSDPA

  6. How to Avoid Idea Prepaid SIM Number Monthly Rent by Re-enabling The Lifelong Validity

How to Activate Idea 3G Broadband and Get Latest Plans

For the Idea to migrate from 2G to 3G, we do not need to change the SIM. All we need to do is activate 3G and get an Internet setting from Idea.

To activate 3G broadband on Idea, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure your Mobile Phone supports 3G

    If you are not sure whether your handset is 3G compatible, type "CHECK" and SMS to 12345 (without ""). This number is a toll-free number.

  2. Send SMS "ACT3G" to 12345 (without "")

    Now you will get a confirmation message from Idea about the status of the 3G activation process.

  3. Configure 3G Internet setting from Idea in the handset

    To configure Internet settings in your mobile phone, type "SET" (without "") and SMS to 54671 (toll-free number).

How to get the latest 3G Idea Internet Plans
To get the latest 3G Internet plans, dial *147# and follow the instructions provided by Idea.

About The Author:

Alex George is a Cisco and Microsoft certified Network Engineer. He has been working in the Network Engineering field since 2006.

He has hands-on experience in configuring and troubleshooting various Vodafone Idea products for both corporates and small IT firms.


Gyanendra said…
This is really helpful. Worked for me. I had to only change name and apn name in my htc phone. Thanks.
Siju George said…
Thanks for your comment and happy to see this article helped you.
Anil said…
Thanks. Easy and working
Anonymous said…
Fine tips. Worked for me
Anonymous said…
I love the way you presented it. Thanks
Prameela said…
This steps worked on my Samsung phone too. Thanks
sn said…
I am trying to create new apn for idea on my samsung galaxy s3 but when i enter all the apn details and save it the apn is not listed,or if i I restore the default settings and modify the existing apn again it is not listed and gone.
My default apn MNC is 22 but when I change it to 19 ..all this is happening..

These are the settings I am trying to use–
Name : Idea gprs
APN : internet
Proxy :
Port :
Username :
Password :
Server :
MMS proxy :
MMS port :
MCC :404
MNC : 19
Authentication type: none
APN type : default, supl

Please help.
Admin said…

I suggest you to switch off and restart your Samsung Galaxy S3 and check for the issue
Anonymous said…
my Micromax Canvas Viva is a 2G android. none of the inbuilt apps like play store, gmail, facebook, navigation are working with the 2G GPRS. normal internt through the browser and opera are working. when i used Wi-Fi, all these apps worked fine. what could be the problem? the micromax guys say that my Idea 2G speed is too less hence these apps are not working but how come normal internet is working through same 2G?
Admin said…
As I understand inbuilt apps like play store, gmail, facebook etc are working fine with Wi-Fi but not with Idea 2G Internet connection. It clearly shows inbuilt applications need more bandwidth than Idea 2G can provide. Browser needs less bandwidth compared to many Android Apps.

Can you access Gmail via mobile browser in your phone ?
Rohit said…
Some times Idea 3G Internet is getting very slow. What is the reason ?
Anonymous said…
Thank u for ur help
Gogs said…
Thanks buddy!! It worked for me!
Jayakumar said…

I have Android phone and using Idea Sim in it. The problem is there is a compatibility issue between Idea 3G and Android. I do not know everyone has the same problem but in my computer Idea 3G Internet is showing big compatibility issues. I only get Internet when I shake or change the phone and in some forums they said Idea is having some problem and the wireless network bandwidth is not easy for Android to catch. Is it true or is there any known compatibility issues with Idea network on Android Smart phone ?

I am in Mumbai
Admin said…
@ Jayakumar

I don't know any compatibility issues between Idea 3G and Android. Which Android version on your phone ?
Unknown said…
thank you my dear friend,its too helpful,god bless you.
ankit said…
i am getting 0-2 kbps speed for idea 3g in redmi 1s
Gautam Sharma said…
I am using idea in my lava iris x1 phone in delhi. But whenever we use net I need shuffle from wcdma/gsm auto to wcdma only and vice versa. Without shuffling internet does not work. Plz advise how to fix it.
Alex George said…
It seems Idea use W-CDMA to provide mobile broadband at your location. You can learn the differences between WCDMA and GSM by reading the following article.
Unknown said…
why it shows roaming in network..??
Alex George said…
Can you provide more details ?
Avinash Nair said…
Recent technical reports say that idea 4G is faster than other 4G networks in Kerala. If anyone has an doubts which 4G network is fastest in Kerala, the only answer is idea 4G. Check my reports below

Which is the Fastest 4G Network in Kerala

We can check latest Trai report on fastest 4G network in Cochin and Trivandrum

Compare the Speed of Idea 4G and Reliance Jio in Trivandrum City
Unknown said…

What I have to select in APN either Idea Internet or Idea gprs to use internet on my micrromax canvas selfie.
Alex George said…

If you have received 4G auto setup on your Micromax handset from Idea, keep the same. If you are manually adding it, Idea gprs is fine.
Unknown said…
My phone is Horner 4c it is accessing only 2g but my phone have 3g facility. What can u do?
Unknown said…
Iam using Horner 4c it has inbulit 3g but today evig onwards it is not working it works only 2g
Alex George said…
@ gubba roopini

I think your phone is by default selected 2G in preferred network type instead 3G. You can change it by following the steps below.

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to Wireless & networks

3. Under Cellular networks select idea

4. Choose both 2G & 3G

If this settings is selected there and still if your phone shows 2G only, then there is a possibility of trouble in 3G network in your area. You may contact Idea customer care to rectify it.
Unknown said…
My samsung galaxy is not yet working plz help.😥
Alex George said…
@ Samreen Shaikh

Do you mean, issues with configuring Idea 4G on your Samsung galaxy ?

Unknown said…
My oppo F3 cannot have any internet network i had tried the APN names and all given above i dont know why i cant access the internet
Unknown said…
My oppo F3 cannot have any internet network i had tried the APN names and all given above i dont know why i cant access the internet
Alex George said…
@ Lalrotluanga mualchin

If you are sure about the usage of correct APN settings, the only option left is to contact Idea customer care. You can reach Idea 4G customer care by trying the number 12345
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
Model-micromax Q402+ me idea data network (signal) btata h kaise kare,,,plse help me
Siju George said…
@ Indrajeet Singh

Micromax Bharat 2 Q402 uses Marshmallow (Android 6.0). So you can setup Idea network by following the steps below.

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on "More" under Wireless & networks

3. Click on Cellular networks

4. Click on Network Operators

Your phone will scan for available network. Once Your phone detects Idea network, you can click on it.
Unknown said…
In my Samsung phone am not getting the mobile data. This started from yesterday. I switched off the phone, reinsert the sim and all. But still I have problems. Please help me
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
My Samsung phone is not getting data connected. Idea siim using. Please help me
Alex George said…
Which Model Samsung Phone you use? Which version of Android OS?
Unknown said…
Thank you Alex. It helped me.
Unknown said…
This is not working on my phone i changing my apn and get apn was deleting what should I do please help me
Alex George said…
@ Unknown

You might need to visit the following link and request a new APN.

Save the new APN on your Phone.
Quorade said…
APN you gave didn't worked for me
Alex George said…
@ Quorade

Visit the following link and submit your Idea mobile number.
Anagha Sivakumar said…
Thank you. Now my Phone net is faster than before.

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