How to Avoid Idea Prepaid SIM Number Cancellation by Re-enabling The Lifelong Validity?

Due to the tough competition from other mobile networks in India, Idea Cellular Ltd has made huge changes to the current prepaid mobile plans.

Because of the better talk time plans from competitors, many Idea network subscribers kept their Idea number only to receive incoming calls without recharging. This trend forced Idea Cellular Ltd to change its current prepaid plans.

Now Idea prepaid mobile subscribers are required to recharge a minimum amount to keep the outgoing call facility.

If you want to check the current minimum rechange plans offered by Idea Cellular network for prepaid customers, visit the link below.

On this page, you can see the all available Idea Cellular prepaid plans. Under the headline Unlimited, you can see the Active plans which include unlimited Talktime, daily data limit, and SMS.
How to activate Idea Prepaid lifelong validity for free

Currently the minimum expenditure, Idea allows is the 49 rupee plan. Under the 49 Rupee plan, the prepaid customer will get 28 days validity with 100 MB data.

If you fail to recharge your Vodafone Idea number every month, there is a chance of cancelation of your Mobile number.

Look at the chart below to see the Idea Prepaid minimum recharge plans.

If you are looking for better Data Service Validity, we suggest you go for Unlimited plans from Idea Cellular Network.

How to Pay Bill Bill For Vodafone Idea Disconnected Number?
If Vodafone Idea canceled your prepaid number due to inactivity, you can recover the number by paying the bill using the link below.

How to Activate Idea Prepaid SIM Lifelong Validity?
If you want to retain the lifelong validity of your Idea Mobile Phone number, you should go for the Lifelong offer from Idea Cellular Network.

This lifelong offer is valid for both Idea Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

According to the latest news release from the company, the Lifelong offer includes many perks. To read more about it, you may visit the link below.

Both Idea Prepaid and Postpaid customers can activate the lifelong offers by recharge of Rs 995. After the 995 recharge, both Prepaid and Postpaid customers do not need to pay the monthly rental fee.

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Once you have activated the lifelong plan, you will receive the most economical tariff plans available in the industry.

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Local Mobile phone calls will cost 99 paise / Minutes under Lifelong Postpaid plans and 1.99 paise / Minutes under Lifelong Prepaid Tariff.

For STD calls, Under the Lifelong validity plan, Prepaid customers must pay 2.99 paise / Minutes, and Postpaid customers pay 99 paise / 30 seconds.

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Alex George is a Cisco and Microsoft certified Network Engineer. He has been working in the Network Engineering field since 2006.

He has hands-on experience in configuring and troubleshooting various Vodafone Idea products for both corporates and small IT firms.