How to Open Blocked Websites On Airtel 4G Internet Connection?

Airtel is one of the popular 4G Mobile Service Providers in India. Their faster Data Connection helps to access the Internet and download video files hasslefree.

However, some Airtel users find problems with accessing some websites using their Internet connection. Thousands of genuine websites are blocked for Airtel 4G users either by technical problems or by the Government regulations.

This tutorial will help you with unblocking blocked websites on the Airtel 4G data connection.

CoreNetworkZ team has a handful of tutorials that teaches how to access banned websites including torrents and video sharing sites your computer.

However, this tutorial teaches you how to open all websites on an Airtel Internet connection.

Why Can't I Access a Website On Airtel Mobile Connection?

If you are looking for the reasons for not able to open a website on your Airtel Phone, the below list will help you.

  1. Airtel blocks some websites due to Government and court orders.

  2. Technical errors lead to the ban of an entire website

  3. Airtel may block torrent websites to prevent piracy and save the bandwidth

  4. If a website server IP address belongs to the pool of banned IP addresses, Airtel users cannot open that site

Let us check how to fix the above problems.

How To Open Blocked Websites On Airtel 4G Network?

Let us check the different solutions to open a banned website on Airtel 4G Network.

  1. Change the Default Airtel DNS Server:

    If the problem with loading a website on your computer is due to DNS issues, the best solution to open that website is to change the default DNS server address of the Airtel 4G Connection.

    If you don't know how to change the DNS server address details on your computer having Airtel Mobile internet, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    How to Change the DNS Address on a Computer?

  2. Use The Google Cache Technique:

    If it is an information site you want to open with your Airtel connection, you can use the Google cache to view the content. To do Google Cache trick to view website content, follow the steps below.

    • Open on your browser.

    • Type cache: link address and press the enter key.

    For example, if you want to see the cached page of the CoreNetworkZ blog on Google, use the following code on Google Search.


  3. Using Tor Proxy to Bypass Airtel Blocks

    Tor proxy is a free proxy tool which helps you to bypass almost every ISP firewall restrictions. To read more about it, visit the link below.

    Tor Proxy Review

  4. Use the Opera Browser to Unblock Airtel Website Ban

    The Opera browser offers free VPN service which helps you to open blocked sites on your Airtel Mobile Phone. Follow the steps below to use the Opera VPN to open a blocked website on Airtel Network for free.

    • Download the Opera browser using the link below.

    • Once you installed the Opera browser on your laptop, open it.

    • Click on the Easy setup icon on the right-hand top of the Opera browser.

      how to open torrent sites on airtel data connection
      Scroll down the Easy setup window and click on the browser settings.

    • Click on the Advanced link and toggle the Enable VPN button.
      how to open porn websites on airtel

      Wait for a few seconds. Once the VPN is on, you can access all blocked websites on your Airtel connection.

  5. Use the Puffin Secure Browser to Unlock a Domain

    Puffin Secure Browser helps to unblock a website on your Airtel data connection. You can simply bypass the Airtel firewall using the Puffin browser.

    To download the Puffin browser, visit the link below. has dozens of tutorials related to Cybersecurity.

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  2. BSNL 3G APN Settings For Your Android Phone

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