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Unresponsive Script- A Script On This Page May be Busy,It May Have Stopped Responding

For the last few days I have been getting one error message on Firefox while browsing. The error message is A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete. There are two buttons on the error message, continue and stop script. If we press continue button, Firefox start wait for the completion of the process. If we are not so patient, we can stop the code by pressing the second button. Reason for getting "Unresponsive Script" error message is the long time taken by it to execute than the expected time set in the Firefox configuration.

Solution To solve the unresponsive process error, we should increase the maximum time Firefox wait to declare a code unresponsive. It is because sometimes Mozilla decide a particular program is not responding before completing its process due to the lower time set to decide whether a process is working or not. To do this follow the steps bel…

Tata Docomo GPRS and 3G Settings For Android and Windows Phones

Tata Docomo offers GPRS and 3G services (3G service offers speed up to 21.1 Mbps)in India and this article is about enabling their GPRS settings on mobile phones irrespective of Android or Windows Phone. To activate GPRS on your mobile handset (both Windows Phone and Android Phone), you should recharge with the specific rate. In order to get Tata Docomo GPRS settings automatically on your mobile phone, you should type INTERNET and SMS to 52270. They will send you the default GPRS Internet settings and you need to save it on your handset. If the automatic settings doesn't arrive, you can manually set Docomo GPRS settings on your Android and Windows mobile phone by entering following details.

Manual Docomo GPRS Settings For Android and Windows Phones
Name : Tata Docomo Internet (You can change it if you want) APN : tata.docomo.internet Proxy : Not set Port : Not set Username : Not set Password : Not set MCC …

Port Forwarding in Nokia Siemens Residential Router

Nokia Siemens Residential Router provides inbuilt firewall protection from external intruders. It is good for the security of your home network but sometimes this may pose some issues. Certain network applications which work through specific ports may be blocked by this firewall. Default router firewall settings block all the communications though uncommon port numbers due to security precautions. So in order to ensure the smooth working of those devices and applications you need to forward  specific port numbers (though which the applications work) in your router. This article is specifically for Nokia Siemens Residential Router. Before proceeding to the steps you should ensure that you have the port numbers of the applications and the IP address of the computer in which the application runs.

How to Convert D-Link Wireless Router in to Bridge Mode

This article is about steps to convert D-Link Wireless Router in to Bridge mode. Here we configure D-Link wireless router in bridge mode to communicate with another WiFi router in order to connect two LAN networks. Here one router is in Access Point or in wireless router mode but the second one (D-Link ) will be in bridge mode which accepts a point to point communication only. It is important to remember that once we change D-Link router in to bridge mode, it will not connect to other WiFi clients and its Internet port also will be disabled. All the devices connected to the Ethernet ports of this device will be connected to the WiFi of the first  Router.

Steps to Change D-Link Wireless Router in to Bridge mode
Enable Bridge mode:

To learn more about this follow the link below. 
Manual Steps to Configure D-Link Device

Click on Manual Internet Connection Setup

Check Enable Wireless Bridge mode box and click on save settings

It starts rebooting and you will get following notification ab…

How to Remove Blogger Navbar from Your Blog

You may notice that in default blogger themes, you can see navbar on the top of your blog. This bar helps you to search important information or other blogs. However, it really affects the overall template perfection and sometimes you may wish for a method to don't show it. In case of customization if you feel a little uncomfortable with this blogger navigation bar, you can remove it. Previously you have to add some CSS/HTML edit to remove navbar but now blogspot offers a simple radio button to disable it. This tutorial explains how to remove navigation bar without editing the template by simply using the radio button provided by blogspot.

Steps to Disable Blogger Navbar Log on to Blogger Account

Click on Layout

Click on Edit button near Navbar

Select Off button and click on Save

The above tweak disable the default navigation bar from the top. If you do want this feature later, you can repeat the same steps and select the one which you want to display and click save. The navigation b…

How to Setup D-Link Wireless Router Manually

D-Link quick setup wizard is enough for an average user to setup his router but for advanced options it is better learn how to configure this device manually. This tutorial explains how to configure every models of D-Link wireless router manually for advanced features. Here we learn how to enable Internet access, WiFi and WiFi security. First step of this guide is to make sure you can go online with modem by connecting computer to the Ethernet port of the modem. If it is fine, disconnect the modem and connect computer to one of the LAN ports of D-Link Wireless Router using an Ethernet cable. Now power on the device.

Configure Broadband Access On D-Link Router Access Setup Page:

i. Type on Browser address bar and press enter.

ii. Enter user name admin and leave password field blank. Click on login to access setup page.

Click on Manual Internet Connection Setup

Select Internet Connection type:

Using the drop-down menu, you can select the Internet connection type you are usi…