Port Forwarding in Nokia Siemens Residential Router

Nokia Siemens Residential Router provides inbuilt firewall protection from external intruders. It is good for the security of your home network, but sometimes this may cause some issues. This firewall might block some network applications, which work through specific ports. Default router firewall settings might block all the communications via uncommon ports due to the security rules. To ensure the smooth working of the devices and applications which use the port communication, you need to forward specific port numbers associated with them on your router.

This article is specifically for Nokia Siemens Residential Router. Before proceeding to the steps to forward port numbers on Nokia Siemens Residential Router, you should ensure that you have the port numbers of the applications and the IP address of the computer on which the applications run.

Port Forwarding On Nokia Siemens Residential Router

  1. Type on the address bar of the browser

  2. Enter the Router setup page by providing username and password.
    User Name: admin
    Password: admin

  3. Click on Advanced Setup
    Port forwarding in  Siemens Residential Router 1600

  4. Click on NAT (in Some versions Port mapping) and select virtual servers to start Port forward.
    How to perform port forwarding in Nokia Siemens router to fix online gaming issue

    1. Select Custom Servers and enter the name of the application or device for which you are performing port forwarding in Nokia Siemens Residential Router.
    2. Enter the IP address of the computer on which the device connected
    3. Add the Port numbers in the respective fields

    PS: Depends on different firmware versions you may see the port forwarding option under different a heading. So I recommend you to check under other tabs too if you failed to find port forwarding option as I showed here.

  5. Click on Save

What if Port Forwarding Doesn't Work
Maybe due to some strange reasons, port forwarding on Nokia Siemens Residential Router may not work. In that case, you can use the option DMZ for the device connected to Nokia Siemens router. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Nokia Siemens Residential Router

  2. click on Advanced Setup

  3. Click on NAT (In some versions this option is under security)

  4. Select DMZ host.
    Now enter the IP address of the device or computer which you want to avoid all default router firewall restrictions.

PS: It is important to remember that while enabling DMZ, you are lifting entire router firewall protection.

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Once you have done it, there won't be any problems with playing online games, working on network applications, etc.. over Nokia Siemens Residential Router.

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To learn how to configure Nokia Siemens Residential Router with your ISP click on the link below.
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If you ever faced the problems to access certain websites after installing Nokia Siemens Residential Router, you can fix it by enabling DMZ.