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How to Power Cycle Router & Modem In a Local Home Network

Power cycle is a miraculous cure for many home networking issues. Power Cycling is the process of turning off and turning on networking devices (Say Wireless Router or Modem ) in a systematic order. Sounds simple but very effective in troubleshooting networking issues. Power Cycle is a recommended process after configuring a modem or router. In this article we can check how to power cycle specific networking devices like modem, router, Access Point etc and an entire Local network.

How to Power cycle Modem or Router
It is not a big task to power cycle a modem or router. All you have to do is just power off the device and power on. To perform this in a systematic order, follow the steps below.
  1. Disconnect Power from your Modem /Router (unplug Power Cable)
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect Power
  4. Wait for one minute and make sure all the active lights are steady(Power light, Internet light etc)

How to Power Cycle Entire Computer Network
Let us check how to power cycle a small network. Here I have 2 computers, one Router (Wireless or Wired ) and a modem. Steps to power cycle this network are:
  1. Unplug Power Cable from Modem
  2. Unplug Power Cable from Router
  3. Now we need to wait one minute before connecting power cable back.
  4. Power on Router and wait till lights are steady on Router (WAN light will not light as Modem is not on).
  5. Power on Modem and Wait till all modem lights are on and steady.
One of the major benefit for doing power cycle on a local network is the synchronization of all networking devices in the network. Even Internet speed can be improved( by fixing any normal LAN connection issues) by performing a systematic power cycle. To learn more about it click on the link below.
How to Increase The Speed of My Internet Connection


Anonymous said…
Is power cycle a modem equal to set the modem ?
Admin said…
No. Power Cycle a Modem is different from resetting a modem. To read more about resetting a modem, click on the link below.
Anonymous said…
Can I use the same method to power cycle my Linksys router?
James said…
Thanks it worked
Anonymous said…
Thanks buddy. It really helped me a lot.
Elizabeth John said…
Does unplug the power cable of modem/router have the same effect of turning off power?(the power cable still plugged tho)
Alex George said…

Theoretically it has the same effect but in technician's point of view, unplug the power chord is better.
Thugbolt said…
Hey I have a problem the internet dot is not blinking like the other ones.why and what should I do to resolve this!!???

My email or PLEASE answer or reply in the comments
Alex George said…

Is it just the internet LED issue or don't you able to access Internet ?