How to Power Cycle Router & Modem In a Local Home Network

In this article, we discuss the importance of the power cycle in solving network connectivity issues. It is the process of turning off and turning on networking devices in a systematic order. Network devices mean the Router, Modem, Switch, etc.. It sounds simple but effective to solve connectivity issues. We recommend you to perform a power cycle after you set up a new router in the local network. In this tutorial, you will learn how to power cycle devices like modem, router, switch, Access Point, etc..

How to Power cycle Modem or Router
Let us check how to power cycle a modem/router. As I explained before, power cycling is the process of the turnoff and turn on a device in systematic order. To do it, follow the instructions provided below.
  1. Disconnect Power from your Modem /Router (unplug Power Cable)
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect the Power supply
  4. Wait for one minute and ensure the active LED lights on the device are not blinking (Power light, Internet light, etc.. )

How to Power Cycle Entire Computer Network
Let us check how to power cycle a small network. Consider a small home network which has two computers, one modem, and a wireless router. Steps to power cycle this network are:

  1. Unplug Power Cable from Modem
  2. Unplug Power Cable from Router
  3. Now we need to wait one minute before connecting power cable back.
  4. Power on the Router and wait till lights are steady on Router (WAN light will not light as Modem is not on).
  5. Power on Modem and Wait till all modem lights are on and steady.
One of the major benefits of performing power cycle on a local network is the synchronization of all devices in it. Once all devices on a network are synchronized properly, a lot of connection issues will disappear. In simple words, we can fix a lot of Issues like slower Internet connection, WiFi connectivity error, LAN connection problems, etc.. by a proper power cycling.

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Once you are power cycling a network, it is important to note that you should start with the first device. In most cases, the first device is the modem. Once you have switched off the modem, you should power off the next device connected to it.

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Once you have turned off every device, you should wait for one minute. You should power on the last device turned off. Repeat the process until you have turned on every device in the network.
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