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How to Remove Blogger Navbar from Your Blog

You may notice that in default blogger themes, you can see navbar on the top of your blog. This bar helps you to search important information or other blogs. However, it really affects the overall template perfection and sometimes you may wish for a method to don't show it. In case of customization if you feel a little uncomfortable with this blogger navigation bar, you can remove it. Previously you have to add some CSS/HTML edit to remove navbar but now blogspot offers a simple radio button to disable it. This tutorial explains how to remove navigation bar without editing the template by simply using the radio button provided by blogspot.

how to disable Blogger Navigation bar

Steps to Disable Blogger Navbar
  1. Log on to Blogger Account

  2. Click on Layout

  3. Click on Edit button near Navbar

  4. Select Off button and click on Save
    Steps to disable blogspot navigation bar

The above tweak disable the default navigation bar from the top. If you do want this feature later, you can repeat the same steps and select the one which you want to display and click save. The navigation bar will return. In the same way we can improve the blog search rank by optimizing the default way to show post titles in every posts. To learn more about this I recommend you to follow the link below.
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We just cannot show scripts on blogger posts by simply pasting them on blog post while composing it. We need some additional tweaks needed before showing scripts. To learn this trick click on the link below.
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Even if you do not want to show blogger navigation bar on your blog, you may like to display blogger social share button on your blog. To know how to do it, click on the link below.
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