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How to Change Registered Mobile Phone Number & E-mail ID With Kerala PSC

Kerala PSC allows candidates to change the registered mobile number and e-mail address at any time. It is important to keep the working e-mail address and mobile phone number in Kerala PSC profile to get the updates. Kerala Public Service Commission will send updates on the latest announcements about the deadline for the confirmation of applied examinations, informing the availability of hall tickets, etc. If you have not pressed the confirmation for writing a coming examination, PSC will not allow you to appear it.

So, it is important to receive updates and notification from Kerala PSC on the registered mobile phone number and e-mail address. This tutorial teaches you how to change the current e-mail address and mobile phone number registered with Kerala PSC.

How to Change Your Registered Mobile Number On Kerala PSC Portal
You must ensure that the current Mobile Phone Number registered with official Kerala PSC website is a working one. If the number registered with KPSC no longer works, you must change it immediately on their portal.

To change your old mobile phone number with an active one, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the official website of Kerala Public Service Commission by visiting the link below.

  2. Login to your profile using the user ID and Password you have created at the time of one-time registration

  3. Click on Profile Home

  4. To Change the Registered Mobile number, click on Mobile Phone Number

  5. To change the mobile number, click on the edit button

  6. Type the new number and click Save button

How to Change Your Registered E-mail Address On Kerala PSC Profile
To change your registered email address with the Public Service Commission, you should follow the first three instructions provided below. Once you have completed the first three steps, follow the instructions below.
  1. To change the registered E-mail address, click on e-mail ID

  2. To change the current e-mail id, click on the edit button

  3. Enter the new E-mail address and click the Save button

It is your duty to update the mobile number and e-mail address registered with Kerala PSC official website with a working mobile number and e-mail address.

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If you miss any important update from KPSC due to the nonworking Mobile Phone number and Email address, the Public Service Commission will have no responsibility.


Anonymous said…
Thanks sir.
Sujith Vino said…
Thank you. I was trying to change my registered phone number with Kerala PSC.
Anupama Thomas said…
It helped me. Thank you sir.
Unknown said…
i change my mobile number but it is not verified why
Alex George said…
@ Unknown

Can you see your new number in the profile?

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