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List of Kerala PSC Approved Institutions and Universities

Is my Degree certificate valid for the Kerala PSC degree level examination? It is one of the most repeated questions my career development consultant faced in every PSC foundation course.

Though the students from the Universities based in Kerala have no tension, those having degree certificates from Universities outside Kerala are not very calm.

Many of them obtained degree certificates through distance education mode. In this post, I would like to clarify the doubts regarding the validity of your degree certificate and University in the view of the Kerala PSC guidelines.

Let me answer your questions one by one.

Does Kerala PSC accept a degree certificate from Universities outside Kerala state?
The answer is yes, but sometimes Public Service Commission will ask you to provide an equivalency certificate from any one of the Kerala based Universities.

If PSC asks you to provide an equivalency certificate for your degree certificate, you must contact any one of the recognized Universities in Kerala. Most of the candidates prefer Kerala University.

List of Kerala PSC Approved Universities and Courses
Degrees and Examinations of Universities and Institutions outside Kerala state recognized by the University of Kerala and PSC.

How to Get an Equivalency Certificate for my Degree?
If you do not know how to apply for an equivalency/recognition certificate for your degree certificate from a Kerala based University, you should either visit the University or call their helpline number.

You may need to download the application form from the respected Univerity website before approaching them. You can see the links to download equivalency certificate application forms.

Some of them offer online Portal to verify your degree and, if they find your degree valid, you can download the equivalency certificate. MG University Kottayam offers this service.

Click the link below to open the page for Online issuance of Equivalency, Eligibility Certificates from the MG University Kottayam.

The following links provide application forms for your PSC required equivalency certificate from the Recognized Universities in Kerala.

Does Kerala PSC Accept My Degree Certificate from Distance Mode of Education?
Kerala PSC accepts degree certificates earned through distance education mode. There are many Government orders that bind UPSC and State PSCs to accept distance mode degree certificates.

However, Kerala PSC accepts degree certificate obtained through the distance mode of education from UGC approved Universities only.

Some of the orders are:

You can check whether your University has UGC approval and permission to conduct distance mode of education from the UGC website.

Check Whether your University has UGC Recognition to Offer Distance Mode of Education:

If the above list includes your Institution/University, you do not need to worry about the validity of your degree certificate obtained through the private study/distance mode.

How to Change the Registered Mobile Number From the PSC Website?

The Distance Mode Degree is Equal to Regular Degree
According to the UGC circular (dated 14-10-2013), all degree certificates awarded by Open and Distance Learning must be treated equally to the regular degree.

No Universities can refuse a degree earned through Distance mode of study in India.

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Alex George is the director of GJR Academy for advanced studies. It is one of the reputed PSC and SSC coaching centers in India.

We have prepared thousands of students for the various posts in both Central and State Government services.


Unknown said…
Sir I have degree from SMU DE. Can I apply for PSC degree level examination?
Alex George said…
Yes, you can apply for degree level examinations using your SMU DE degree.

You can check the status of UGC recognition of Sikkim Manipal University by visiting the link below.
Priya said…
Yes, Its valid.

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