Find Google Chat Contacts' Phone Number and Email Address

Last Updated:-July 04, 2024

Google replaced the Hangouts App with Google Chat. So, I have updated the steps accordingly.

Google Chat window displays the contact name, and it is common for a user to recognize his chat contacts with the display name only.

You are not alone if you do not know the email address of a friend who has been in your Google Hangouts Chat contact for a long time.

However, this situation can lead to some issues.

For example, you want to email him but cannot find his Gmail address. Another example is when someone has changed the Hangouts display name, and you cannot recollect that person.

A critical issue is dealing with an imposter who uses the same Google Chat display name as your friend. You will face problems if you have two Google Chat contacts with the same display name and image.

Finding the Phone Number and Email Address can Filter out an Imposter.

If you know the email address, it will be easy to identify the person who has recently changed the Google Hangouts chat display name.

How to Find The Phone Number and Email Address of a Google Chat Contact?

There are some methods to find out the email address and Phone Number of a Google Chat friend. Let us check them one by one.

  1. Find Gmail ID From the Google Hangouts Chat List

    If you are accessing your Google Hangouts through Gmail, in most cases, you can see the email id by simply placing the mouse over the specific chat friend in the contact list.

    On an iPhone or Android phone, tap the Google Chat contact name. It will display the email address of the user.

  2. Access the Google Plus Account to View the Gmail Address

    Google Plus is no longer available. The solution provided below is no longer valid.

    As I said, if you didn't use his email address before, Google Hangouts would not display his email address automatically.

    In this situation, you must go to his Google Plus page. On his Google Plus page, you can see his public information. If he added his email address as public information, you can read it.

    How to Find the Google Chat Friend's Phone Number?

    So, if someone listed his email address and phone number as public on the Google Plus account, you can read them. To access the Google Plus profile of your Hangouts chat friend, you should click on the display name.

You have learned the easiest method to find Google Chat friends' phone numbers and email addresses.

Let me know if you have any other ideas in the comments below.

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