Purchased Samsung N128 Mini Laptop

I purchased a Netbook from Samsung(Samsung N128) two weeks ago and I think it is the time to write a review of it. It is travel-friendly because of small size and nowadays I need to travel a lot. While on a journey, it is difficult to carry my laptop because of its size and that is why I planned to go for a mini laptop. After checking different brands, finally, I decided to buy Samsung N 128. In this article, I would like to share my review of Samsung N 128 netbook. The below picture shows how it looks like.

Small Laptop

Samsung N 128 Mini Laptop Configuration

Processor Intel ATOM 1.6 GHz Processor ( ID: N270)
RAM 1 GB DDR-2 Ram
Hard disk 160 GB HDD
Monitor 10.1" Wide LED Screen (Extra bright)

Other Features
  • Father Ethernet port

  • Webcam

  • WiFi


Available Ports and connectors on Samsung N 128 Mini Laptop are:
  1. 3 USB 2.0 ports,

  2. VGA out,

  3. DC power-in,

  4. RJ-45/Ethernet (10/100),

  5. Stereo headphone/line out,

  6. Stereo microphone in,

  7. VGA webcam,

  8. Kensington lock port.

Total weight of this netbook is around 1.25 kg and it has a 6 cell battery. This product is protected with one year warranty. I bought non-OS installed version and I installed Windows 7 and Ubuntu. It supports both operating systems perfectly well.

Samsung N128 Mini Laptop Review

It is working great than I expected. First I failed to find WiFi adapter driver compatible with Windows 7. The setup disc has only Windows XP version of Wireless adapter driver. I downloaded the latest version of the wireless adapter driver from the manufacturer website. I must say, speaker volume is lesser than I expected. It has 1.5 watts speaker. The volume is very low and I need to use a headset to hear the sound properly. Another point I want to point out is about battery backup. Shop owner promised me about 8-hour battery backup but when I check it is just 6 hours only. Beside this speaker volume issue, I am satisfied with Samsung N 128 netbook.

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  1. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Dear George,

    Thanks for posting review, and pics, I will certainly buy this netbook. Its very handy, sleek with nice looks and a value for money item!


  2. Please tell me the battery backup U mentioned or company promised was While Continuously Working to its full potential??

    It was in Sleep Mode??

    Can U give in details of battery backup of the netbook individually ib Both situations i.e. - how long While Continuously Working to its full potential??

    How long while almost totally in Sleep??

  3. The battery backup of Samsung N 128 I mentioned here is working backup with full potential. But I need to add one thing...

    * When I run this Samsung netbook in Windows 7 ,I am failed to see a good battery backup. In Windows 7 I am only getting around 4 working hours (Battery backup).

    I didn't test yet to to find its sleep time battery backup.

  4. HEy FEW Last things I wanna know is:
    1. Whether this is available in INdian stores?? And
    2. How much is the cost Totally. Also
    3. WHETHER IT IS POSSIBLE TO WATCH A *.AVI MOVIE OF A REGULAR RESOLUTION.... ON THIS NETBOOK?? (I am talking about thos ones 700 MB files we download DVD rips movies)
    N.B. -
    I am planning to get one, But Questionable Multimedia performance is scaring me off before putting my money into it.

  5. Sansung N 128 is available in Indian market. It may cost around Rupess 14000 in local stores(In eBay India the cost is 13900 only).

    You can watch regular movies including .avi but you cannot run high definition videos in Samsung N 128 netbook.

    Speaker volume is low and I am using an external speaker to over come this while in my room. When I am in tour I adjust with regular headset.

  6. Ginesh J.P10:12 PM

    Hello Sir your Samsung netbook review is really awesome. Where are you living ? How much you spend for this Samsung N128 netbook ?

  7. Anonymous10:35 PM

    I installed Windows XP in my Samsung N128 and the battery backup is really good. I heard Windows 7 is not good for Netbooks.

  8. i have buy it but i face some problems that i want to mention to you,
    firstly on instaling window 7 i the Fn key doen't work and i have downlode derivers but easy display manager does not work.
    Secoundly i have try to see its warrenty on the internet on sumsung site they do not mention n128 in category.
    otherwise it is good.
    If any one have solution for this please mention it to me also.

  9. About the Fn key.. It is working fine in my netbook with Windows 7. I heard Sansung n128 netbook is pretty good with Windows XP tahn with Windows 7. I am planning to change to Windows XP soon to check it.

  10. Riyas6:07 AM

    Thanx buddy , a professional netbook review about Sansung netbook. Write more netbook reviews

  11. Anonymous12:50 AM

    I purchased Samsung netbook from ebay. It seems fine

  12. Anonymous11:49 PM

    hello friends,
    i have decide to purchase a netbook and saw your commands pls tell again about samsung n 128 fully i ment about the home os battery life speed or if you found any problem

  13. Hi Ashok,

    I have this netbook (Samsung N128) for last 6 months and still now don't have any complaint. Battery life I am getting is 6 hours and work perfectly. I heard newer versions have much more battery backup time (even up to 11 hours).

  14. i am going to buy it but can you tell the website

  15. Hi Sanjeeva,

    I am not sure Samsung n128 is available at this time. You can check ebay.com for this model.

  16. What is the battery Backup if i Use Windows Xp

  17. I have seen one hour more in battery backup while using XP on it.

  18. hello!!
    can anyone tell me that where can i get the drivers for this laptop. I had tried finding on google but its waste. Please help me soon.

  19. I have been getting problems in finding the above mentioned laptop drivers.
    Please help me.
    I want only the graphic and audio drivers for my samsung N128.

  20. Admin (CoreNetworkZ)7:33 AM

    Go to the following page and search for the necessary downloads.


  21. have a samsung n128 and in which xp is installed, actually m nt able to use fn key to increase brightness can anyone help

  22. Admin6:47 AM

    If function key is not working, you may need to go

    control panel > Power options > Adjust brightness

  23. Karthiganesh6:29 AM

    Hi All,

    I own this netbook since Dec-2009. I found it is fine and keyboard is better.

    I am having ubuntu netbook remix 9.0. Once I tried windows 2003 server also. The performance is not bad. Satisfactory.

    As for as audio output is concerned, I am not happy as its volume is very low. I have to attach an external speaker.

    Other than the audio output, this is one of the most suitable netbook for business computing and browsing.


  24. Many Individuals have mistaken these Netbooks to the high power laptops/notebooks. The laptops have a better performance but also keep in mind that the cost is much higher than these Netbooks. The Netbooks are the next generation of portable devices for all types of individuals. For more information check my review on the several Netbooks.