Fix System UI isn't Responding Error in Xiaomi Redmi

I purchased a Redmi phone three months ago, but it occasionally showed performance issues.

This Redmi phone hung randomly with an error message -System UI isn't responding.

This message shows two options. Either click the OK or Wait buttons.

I have uploaded the screenshot of the error message below.

MIUI System UI isn't responding

This article checks the reasons and fixes for the error -System UI isn't responding.

I fixed this problem on my Redmi phone. This tutorial explains how I did it.

Let us first check why you see the error -System UI isn't responding on your Android phone.

What is System UI isn't Responding Error?

Redmi, Xiaomi, and POCO phones use the mobile User Interface MIUI.

MIUI is a feature-rich but heavy mobile interface powered by Android.

So, the chances of crashing are high on Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones unless they have enough free RAM.

When your phone fails to handle the heavy MIUI interface and third-party Apps, it affects the Android System UI App.

Why Xiaomi Redmi Phones Show System UI Isn't Responding Error?

System UI is an Android application that runs on Android smartphones. That means everything a user sees other than Apps belongs to Android UI.

POCO, Xiaomi, and Redmi Phones run on MIUI.

The System UI stops responding when the MI User Interface (MIUI) hangs with heavy Apps.

Then the Xiaomi Redmi phones freeze with an error -System UI isn't Responding.

We have discussed the reasons for getting the warning System UI isn't Responding on a Xiaomi Redmi phone. Let us check how to resolve this problem.

Fix System UI isn't Responding Problem

Let me explain how I fixed the system UI not responding problem on my Xiaomi Redmi phone.

  1. Press the OK button and Power Off the Device

    When you press the OK button in the System UI not responding warning, the MIUI will probably show a black screen error.

    Press the power button until the Xiaomi Redmi phone shows the Power Off option. Tap on the Power Off icon to switch off your phone.

  2. Switch On your Phone

    Press the Power button to switch on your Xiaomi Redmi phone. You may hold the power button till you see the Android bootup screen.

  3. Clear the Cache Files

    It is a temporary solution when your Redmi, Xiaomi, or POCO phones expect a possible System UI unresponsive error.

    • Go to the Settings and tap on Apps.

    • Tap on Manage Apps.

    • Tap on the vertical three dots and select Show all apps.

    • Type System UI on the search.

    • Clear the System UI cache files.

    Repeat the same process to delete cache files on other heavy Apps like Google Play services, Chrome, MI security, etc.

  4. Delete All Unwanted Apps

    By default, MIUI installed many Apps. Most of them run in the background when you use your Xiaomi phone.

    As I explained, MIUI is a heavy Mobile Interface. So, running too many background Apps will trouble the System UI.

    To fix the System UI isn't Responding problem on a Xiaomi Redmi device, uninstall all unwanted third-party Apps.

  5. Update the MIUI

    If your Xiaomi and Redmi phones show the System UI not responding issue even after deleting the unwanted Apps, update the MIUI to fix it.

    Updating a Redmi phone to the latest MIUI version may solve the problem with the System UI.

    Check whether your Redmi Phone qualifies for a free software update before going for it.

    But you cannot use this method to fix System UI Not Responding errors on older Xiaomi and Redmi phone models. We need a different solution for older POCO, Redmi, and Xiaomi smartphones.

  6. Use light Custom Mobile User Interface

    MIUI is a resource-hungry User Interface. So, if your phone does not have enough free RAM, the MI User Interface will not work smoothly.

    If your Redmi phone does not have enough RAM, you may consider a lighter Android Mobile Interface. It requires a high level of technical skill, and I recommend you hire an expert to perform it.

You have learned what to do if a Redmi phone shows a System UI not responding error.

We can avoid this error in a new Xiaomi Redmi phone. Read the following advice before buying a new Xiaomi Redmi phone.

How to Avoid System UI isn't Responding Error in a New Redmi?

Always purchase a new Redmi phone with high RAM. Remove all Bloatware and unwanted Apps.