How to Solve USB Tethering Error On Android Phone

As we know, Android phones can be used as a modem to get Internet connection laptop using the tethering feature. The tethering feature converts an Android phone as a wireless modem and shares Internet among other devices. If anyone does not know what tethering stands for, it is a feature which allows share android phone's mobile data connection via USB or as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This article is about a strange issue I faced while trying to use the tethering feature.

Yesterday while traveling I got into a strange error. My mobile handset failed to tether. After connecting Android handset to the laptop, it showed the message USB connected and check to tether. Once I clicked tether, it faded out and showed USB tethering error.

Then I received a pop up to turn on USB storage. I clicked on the button to turn on USB storage and then it displayed another message you cannot tether while USB storage is on.

I turned off the USB storage and then it showed USB connected, check to tether. I clicked on the tether option, but it displayed USB tethering error.

I disconnected the phone from the laptop and reconnected. Unfortunately, this also ended with the same error. Finally, to resolve the USB tethering error, I switched off the handset and turned on back. Tethering feature worked perfectly after this step.

How to Check Tethering On Your Android Phone
  1. Go to Home screen

  2. Click on Applications

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on Wireless & networks

  5. Click on Tethering & Portable hotspot

  6. Check USB tethering

I use Samsung Galaxy to connect my Laptop to access the Internet while traveling. Samsung Kies installed on my laptop makes it easy to tether. However, it is not error free. The Samsung Kies installed on my laptop hangs often.

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So, I prefer the tethering option provided on the phone to the Samsung Kies. To learn how to enable Internet on Android phone with various service providers, click on the link below.
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If you have tethering issues, you cannot access the Internet on your computer through an Android phone. It is because the Android phone cannot act as a modem for your PC due to the USB tethering problem.

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To learn the use of another mobile data service provider and activate Internet on your computer click on the link below.
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  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    hello sir, I have a BSNL Broadband modem (Nokia Siemens 1600 residential) and a Samsung Quattro smartphone. I have enabled WiFi in my modem my-self and I can connect to this Wifi network using my smartphone. But problem is that I can only view the Google page, other web sites are showing "Request Time out". And also the Google page open very slowly. but in my mobile it is showing that 54mbps connection; signal strength FULL. Please help. pleaser give or post a step by step procedure it will help me a lot.

  2. Alex George9:16 AM

    Since on your smartphone you cannot access any websites other than Google home page, most probably this page (Google) comes from cache. Please check the following details.

    1. Can you access Internet on any other wireless computers ? (wireless)

    2. Have you enabled any wireless encryption on your modem ?

    3. Can you connect to the wireless network with other devices ?


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