How to Setup DSL Connection On Fedora Linux

If you are using Fedora Linux on your computer, it is very simple to connect a DSL Internet connection. This tutorial tells the procedure to add a DSL broadband connection to a computer having Fedora Linux. It is a GUI method and we do not need to go to the terminal to complete the procedure. Steps are provided below.

Configure DSL On Computer Having Fedora Linux

  1. Go to desktop>Administration> Network

    You can also reach network by typing the command system-config-network.

  2. On Network Configuration window, follow the steps below.

    • Click on the toolbar and select new
    • It will open a new window Add new Device Type.
    • Choose DSL connection and click forward
    •  Enter the ISP details including user name and password.

  3. Check Internet Connection

    To check Internet connection on Fedora Linux, go to Network Configuration window.

    •   The select new connection window
    • Click on activate
    • Type ping

    If we receive a reply, the connection is working fine.

  4. Disconnect Internet From Fedora Linux

    To disconnect DSL connection, click the Deactivate button from the network configuration window.

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  1. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Seems People are allergic to terminal usage.
    steps to connect in bridge mode in Fedora or most NON-Debian/Ubuntu Distros are like this:
    1)In user groups add your local user's secondary groups as wheel,dip,dialout whatever.
    2)open a terminal ,login as "su" -give root password -or in case "sudo" give your password:
    3)run pppoe-setup
    follow the instructions.
    select NOT to start automatically on boot
    4)after completion ,you can start net connection by '/sbin/ifup ppp0 up" and stop by '/sbin/ifdown ppp0 down'
    Good Luck All

  2. Thanks Prakash for giving your valuable comments on configuring DSL in Fedora Linux.


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