How to Configure The Internet Connection On Fedora Linux?

Configuring an Internet connection on a Fedora Linux PC is simple. You can use DSL broadband, Cable Internet, and WiFi to give the Internet.

This tutorial explains step-by-step instructions to configure a DSL broadband connection in Fedora Linux.

Can I configure the Internet From GUI?

We can set up the Internet on a Fedora Linux computer from the GUI. We do not need to go to the terminal and execute commands.

So, let us check how to set up a broadband connection on a Fedora Linux PC.

Configure DSL On a Computer Having Fedora Linux

  1. Connect the Modem to the Computer

    1. The first step to setting up the Internet is to connect the LAN port of the modem to the Ethernet port on your Linux PC with an Ethernet cable.

    2. Power on the modem. Wait till the power and Internet (DSL) lights are steady.

  2. Fedora Network Settings

    1. Click the Network icon at the bottom right of the screen.

      You can also reach the network by typing the command system-config-network.

    2. Click on the Manage Connections button.

    3. Click on the Wired Connection. Then click the Edit button.

    4. You can enter the IP address, Default Gateway, and Subnet Mask information provided by your ISP.

      If you do not have these values, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

      If your ISP does not provide a DNS address, you can use the default Google DNS address. and are the Google DNS IP addresses.

  3. On Older Interfaces

    • Click on the toolbar and select New.

    • It will open a new window, Add new Device Type.

    • Choose DSL connection and click forward.

    • Enter the ISP details like username and password.

How to Check The Internet Connection On Fedora Linux?

To check the Internet connection on Fedora Linux, go to the Network Configuration window.

  • Select new connection window
  • Click on activate
  • Type ping

If you receive a reply, the connection is fine.

How to Disconnect the Internet From Fedora Linux?

Click the Deactivate button from the network configuration to disconnect the Internet.