The Best Mixer Grinder For The Indian Kitchen

A Mixer Grider is one of the most necessary items every kitchen should have. When considering Indian food preparation, a high-quality Mixer Grinder will save a lot of time.

Let us check the best Mixer Grinder available in the Indian market. If you do not have time to read our complete guide to pick the best Mixer Grinder for an Indian consumer, you can check the best one we selected from the link below.

Let us explain the factors we considered for the best mixer for a middle-class Indian family.

The Best Mixer Grinder For Indian Kitchen

We purchased the top Mixer Grider models available for Indian consumers and ranked them based on the following criteria.

  1. The Mixer Grinder must have a minimum one-year warranty.

  2. Electricity consumption

  3. We selected only Mixer with Stainless Steel jars.

  4. The Mixer Grider Must be durable -

  5. Cost

  6. We select only Mixer Grinders with ISI certification.

  7. The Mixer Grinder blades must support multitasking.

  8. Speed and Revolution

The eight factors provided above are the basics of our test. Let us check each factor in detail.

  1. Select a Mixer Grinder With At least One Year Warranty

    We must check whether the Mixer Grider manufacturer provides a warranty for their product. It is the first thing to check before purchasing any product.

    A confident manufacturer will provide a minimum of one year warranty. We tested Mixer Grinders available in the market with a minimum warranty period of one year.

  2. Go for ISI certified Mixer and Grinder

    Before purchasing a Mixer and Grinder, verify it has ISI certification. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) tests the products available in the market, and only those products that pass their test will receive the ISI certificate.

    If a Mixer Grinder has the ISI certificate, we can ensure that it has the minimum qualification as per the BSI standards.

    We excluded all Mixer Grinders without an ISI certificate in our test.

  3. We checked the Brand Value

    The third factor we checked for our comparison is the brand value of the Mixer Grinder manufacturer.

    We didn't give more value to this factor as some products from unknown companies showed better qualities in our previous tests. So, it was a minor factor when considering the best Mixers available in the Indian market.

    We tested the Mixer and Grinders from Bosch, Bajaj, Maharaja, Butterfly, Prestige, Vidiem, Preethi, and Philips.

  4. Number of Jars and Material

    Another factor we considered in our test is the number of jars available with the mixer. We selected only stainless steel jars.

    Jars must be corrosion-resistant. The mixer must be rust-proof as the chances of contact with water and salt are very high.

    For an Indian Kitchen, you should consider a Mixer with a minimum of three jars. We suggest looking for jars with different capacities.

    We checked the shape of the jars and tested them based on easy handling and holding. Mixer Jar must have a good grip for better usage in an Indian Kitchen.

  5. Check for the Electricity Consumption

    For an Indian kitchen and Mixer and Grinder with 500 Wattage is enough. However, if you are looking for a Mixer and Grinder for heavy grinding, go for 750 Wattage.

    Our test focused on average kitchen usage. So, we tested Mixer and Grinder in the 500 Wattage series.

  6. Cost of the Mixer and Grinder

    We tested the Mixer and Grinders available in the market with a middle-class Indian family in mind.

    The cost was a strong signal in considering the best Mixer and Grinder for an average Indian family. We had to exclude some premium products simply because they were very costly.

  7. Number of Revolutions

    To grind the materials needed for Indian recipes, we need a grinder with a blade revolution of a minimum of 18000 rpm.

    We need a good blade revolution to grind spices and coconuts.

  8. The Mixer Must be Suitable For Indian Food Preparation

    Here we meant the Mixer and Grinder must support the grinding of Coconut, cardamom, pepper, turmeric, dried chilies, etc.

    Most Mixers are available with a jar specialized for chutney making. This jar is a must for Indian Kitchens where North Indian or South Indian recipes are.

    You can also ask the vendor whether this Mixer and Grinder is suited to prepare South Indian dishes.

This test was for choosing the best Mixer Grinder from the available models in the market for an Indian family to prepare Desi food (that includes grinding, blending, and mixing spices and coconuts).

Who Conducted The Test and Review?

We assigned three experts to conduct the test and write the review. The team members are Arjun Agarwal, Swathi Hegde, and Krishna Moorthy.

Arjun Agarwal is a senior quality manager at a leading consumer retail group in India. Swathi Hegde and Krishna Moorthy are his assistants.

How We Conducted the Test?

We operated the Mixer and Grinders available in the market in all most all situations an Indian family does in the kitchen.

We tested all functions required to prepare South and North Indian dishes. That includes grinding spices and mixing ingredients.

We tested the Mixer and Grinders from different vendors purchased from the market against corrosion and rusting.