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How to Change Blogspot Blog Address from Blogger Settings

So if you have a blog in blogspot domain and have an address  not much related to the topics you write, you can change it always from the blogger dashboard. There is no restriction from blogger about the number of times you can change the URL of your blog. So if you think the URL is not an easily recognizable one or it does not tell the real niche of your writing, you have the full freedom to change it. The point we should remember is this facility depends on the availability of blog URLs. It means if the URL you are seeking for is already taken, you cannot use that. Blogspot serves first comes basis and it is better you register the one you want sooner.

Steps to Change Blogger Blog Address
  1. Log in to Blogger account

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Under basic settings you can see an edit button near blog address.
    how to change the URL of a blogger site

  4. Click edit and change the current URL with the new one. Click on Save after completing the process.

Change Blogspot URL With Registered Domain Name

Now let us come to another scenario. You want to alter the site's sub-domain name not with another blogspot sub-domain but with a proper custom domain. In this case you can use your custom domain name by redirecting current blogspot site address to the new domain. To learn how to setup custom domain name and redirect your blogspot address to the new domain name, follow the steps mentioned in the link below.
How to Set up a Custom Domain Name For My Blogspot Site

Points to Remember While Changing the URL
There are some points you should remember while changing the URL of your blogger site. First of all you must understand what is the meaning of changing the address. After changing the URL, the old address will not show your blog. So any bookmarks linking to URL will get a message blog doesn't exist. Similarly your readers will not be able to reach it using the old address. The same goes for the feed subscribers too. So if your blog is a popular one I cannot recommend you to change your blogspot  address (unless you go for custom domain name). After changing your blog's address it is your duty to inform your readers about the URL change. Otherwise they will never find your blog again.

This article is about changing the public address of your blogspot blog. What if you want to change the address of posts published in your blogger site? We can do it by simply following a blogger tweak. To learn how to change the URLs of posts click on the link below.
How to Alter the URL and Date Number From Blogspot Posts

We know the true potential of Social Sharing networks to popularize a website. We can use Social network sites to popularize the published posts if we use this facility properly. Blogger has a feature called blogger sharing button which helps us to share published articles in various social sharing networks. To learn how to display this button in our blogger blog, click on the link below.
Social Sharing Button in Blogspot is not Showing


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It is important to keep a unique address for your blog. So you own it.