Show Post Summaries on Blogger Blog Home Page

Just like what we see in WordPress blogs, the blogger also supports showing summaries of published posts on the home page with"read more" links to the original post. When I started blogging, I was confused whether I should show multiple posts on the home page or single post. That time Blogger had not introduced the "After the Jump" feature. So showing multiple articles on the home page was not a good idea at that time. The jump feature lets you display the summary (or the first paragraph) of published articles on the home page. The major benefit of this feature is the nonrequirement to change any HTML changes by yourself. All you need to do is, just select the position of jump in the text editor (in content) and the article part till that jump will be shown in the home page. To read content after this jump position, the reader should click on "read more" link displayed below the summary.

Steps to Display Post Summaries on Home
To display the published articles summaries on the blog home page, follow the steps below.
  1. Open blogger Post Editor

  2. Select the position in content where the jumper set by placing mouse there

  3. Click on Jump break
    How to set

    Now you can see the jumper set there.
    Shows multiple

  4. Update/ Publish the work

The major use of this feature is, you can display more posts on a home page by showing just the first paragraph of each one. Showing summaries of your recent posts will ensure a more user-friendly view for readers. In case if you are looking for an additional step to improve your blogger blog traffic, follow the link below.
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