Show Post Summaries on Blogger Blog Home Page

This post discusses the Jump Break feature of Blogspot.

If you follow the official Blogspot team blog, you will be thrilled by the announcement (September 09) about creating a Read More link for each post.

The same post explains how it helps to optimize the Blogspot blog home page by displaying the previous posts' summaries with the Read More links.

Blogger has improved their system a lot over time though we expect more from them.

Today, we discuss one of their new feature Jump Break and how to use this feature to show post summaries on the Blogspot blog home page.

So far, one of WordPress's edges over Blogspot was the ability to display previous posts' summaries on the home page.

Now the blogger also shows summaries of published posts on the home page with"read more" links to the original post.

Why Is It Important to Show Posts' Summaries on Blog Home Page?

Showing Posts summaries on the home page has many design and SEO advantages.

It gives Blogspot template designers more freedom to design a better home page.

Getting links to old posts from the home page boosts those pages and helps them rank better in Search results.

Let us check how to display multiple post summaries on a Blogger home page.

Show Post Summaries on Blogger Blog Home Page

To show multiple post summaries on a Blogspot blog home, we must create Read More links first.

We can use the Jump Break feature to create Read More links.

Now we check how to use Jump Breaker to do this task on a Blogspot Blog. To display the summaries of published articles on the blog home page, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Blogger Post Editor.

  2. Select the position in the content where the jumper is set by placing the mouse.

  3. Click on Jump break.

    How to set

    Now you can see the jumper set there.

    Shows multiple

  4. Update/ Publish the work.

  5. Now go to the Blogger settings and select the maximum number of posts shown on the main page as 10.

    Now check the home page and ensure only the post summaries are displayed.

When I started blogging, I was confused about showing multiple posts on the home page or a single post.

Blogger had not introduced the "After the Jump" feature then.

So, at that time, showing multiple articles on the home page was not a good idea. The jump feature lets you display a summary (or the first paragraph) of published articles on the home page.

The benefit of this feature is the nonrequirement to change any HTML changes by yourself.

All you need to do is to select the jump position in the text editor (in content). You will see the article portion on the home page till the jump.

To read content after this jump position, the reader should click the "read more" link below the summary.