Fix Wi-Fi Connection Problems in Xiaomi Redmi Phones

Last Updated:-September 08, 2023

Xiaomi is a well-known mobile phone manufacturer that produces smartphones in Xiaomi, POCO, and Redmi brands.

Though they produce quality mobile phones at a reasonable price, users report some issues.

Today, we discuss one such issue. I faced one such recurring problem on the Redmi phone I purchased.

The problem I faced was with Wi-Fi connectivity in my Xiaomi Redmi phone.

Xiaomi Redmi phone fails to detect and connect to wireless networks.

While checking why my Redmi phone is not detecting and connecting to Wi-Fi, I noticed the Wi-Fi is not turning on.

Why the Xiaomi Redmi Wireless Is Not Working?

It shows the turning-on status for the Wi-Fi and fails to turn it on. It is associated with another problem- System UI isn't Responding.

You can see it from the screenshot below.

My Xiaomi Redmi Phone won't Connect to wifi or Keeps Randomly disconnecting.

You can see from the screenshot that the Redmi phone has been trying to turn on the Wi-Fi for a while. But instead of turning the Wi-Fi on, it shows the turning on status.

As a result, the Redmi phone does not detect any wireless networks.

Let us discuss how to fix the Wi-Fi detection and connection problems in Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones. We will also check why the Xiaomi Redmi phone's Wi-Fi fails to turn on.

Why Wi-Fi Not Toggle On on Redmi Phone?

Several reasons can prevent a Redmi phone from toggling on the wireless.

Configuration errors, incompatible third-party apps, Wi-Fi adapter problems, MIUI bugs, etc can prevent a Xiaomi Redmi phone from turning on the Wi-Fi.

Since the Wi-Fi is not On, your Xiaomi Redmi phone will not find any Wi-Fi connections.

After a few minutes, the Wi-Fi will show a turn-off status or the Wi-Fi button greyed out. Let us check how to fix Wi-Fi connectivity problems on a Redmi smartphone.

Fix the Xiaomi Redmi Phone's Wireless Connectivity Problems

If your Xiaomi Redmi phone cannot connect to a Wi-Fi Internet connection, follow the steps below.

  1. Reboot the Phone

    To fix the Wi-Fi activation or connection problem on a Redmi phone, reboot it. Let me explain how to do it.

    • Press the Power button and hold till the Xiaomi Redmi phone shows the reboot menu.

    • Tap on the Reboot option.

    • Wait till your Redmi phone restarts and back.

    • Touch on the Wi-Fi icon and check whether it is turning on.

      Fix Wireless Connectivity Problem in Redmi handsets

    A simple reboot will fix most of the Wi-Fi activation problems in Xiaomi devices. If you still struggle to turn on the Wi-Fi, follow the next solution.

  2. Turn On and Turn Off Airplane Mode

    If a simple reboot does not fix the Wi-Fi connection error in your Xiaomi Redmi phone, toggle the Airplane mode.

    • Pull down the MIUI top drop-down menu.

    • Press the airplane icon to activate the Airplane mode.

      Gray Out Wireless Icon
    • Press the same icon after two minutes.

    • Now try to turn on the Wi-Fi.

    Can you enable Wi-Fi on the Xiaomi Redmi phone? If not, you might need to reset the phone or update the software. Let us check how to do it.

  3. Update the Software

    MIUI periodically sends software updates to all their phone models.

    Redmi, Xiaomi, and POCO phones use MIUI.

    Install the latest software updates to fix problems with the Redmi wireless adapter.

    • Go to Settings.

    • Tap on System Apps Updater.
      How to enable Wi-Fi in redmi?

    • Install the pending updates.

      How to solve Xiaomi Wi-Fi problem?

      If you do not wish to install the complete pending updates, check for software updates for the Wi-Fi adapter.

  4. Factory Reset

    If none of the above solutions fixes the problems with Wi-Fi on your Xiaomi Redmi phone, the final solution is a factory reset.

    A factory reset will wipe out all data in your phone.

    Save the content on your phone before going for a factory reset.

    • Go to Settings.

    • Go to Additional Settings.

    • Tap on Factory Reset and follow the instructions.

Now let us check some of the questions asked by our readers and the answers to them.

Redmi Phone Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

One of our readers asked why his Redmi phone keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

The reason for frequent wireless disconnection is the lower Wi-Fi signal quality. It can be due to several factors.

  1. The distance between the Xiaomi Redmi phone and the Wireless Hotspot is too much.

  2. Wireless interference (due to multiple Wi-Fi devices) affects the signal quality.

  3. An obstacle lies (like a concrete wall) between the Redmi phone and the Hotspot.

CoreNetworkZ covers the same topic about a wireless network that keeps connecting and disconnecting in an old tutorial. You might be interested in a similar tutorial about solving USB tethering errors on Android handsets. Let me share the key points in fixing the frequent wireless disconnection problem in Redmi phones.

  1. Reduce the distance between your phone and the wireless Access Point.

  2. Switch off other wireless devices in your room.

  3. Forget the network and reconnect it.

    • Tap on Settings.

    • Tap on Wi-Fi and go to Additional Settings.

    • Tap on Manage Saved Networks.

    • Press the wireless network that shows frequent disconnection issues.

    • Tap on Forget network button.

    Now reconnect to the same wireless network by typing the Wi-Fi key.

Redmi Phone Isn't Connecting to a Specific Wireless Network

One frequently asked question is why the Xiaomi Redmi phone is not connecting to a specific wireless network.

Follow the steps above to fix problems connecting your Redmi phone to a specific Wi-Fi connection.

Why is the Xiaomi Redmi Phone connected to Wi-Fi but No Internet?

You may see a notification Wi-Fi is connected but no Internet.

In my experience, this problem is with the Wi-Fi network, not your Redmi phone. To check it, connect your Redmi phone to a different Wi-Fi network and try to access the Internet.

Fix Xiaomi Grey Wi-Fi Button Problem

Another common problem POCO and Redmi users reported is the gray Wi-Fi button. You cannot turn on Wi-Fi due to the gray Wi-Fi button.

The immediate solution is to reboot the phone. If the gray Wi-Fi button problem returns, update the MIUI software to fix it.

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