Wireless Network Keep Connecting and Disconnecting On my Computer

Last Updated:-June 20, 2010
Have you ever faced the issue where your computer keeps connecting and disconnecting from the wireless network (IEEE802.11)? It is like you can see the WiFi available in your area with full strength but while trying to connect, it is disconnecting right after made a connection to the network. This tutorial will help you to fix such WiFi connectivity issues. Here we can analyze the common reasons for such an issue with proper solutions to resolve the issue. Here I assume you can see the WiFi on your PC and having issues to make a successful connection. While following the steps provided in this tutorial, you must ensure that there are no other devices which uses IEEE802 signal with same frequency like Microwave oven etc. If you have any such device which is using a signal with the same frequency, I recommend you to turn off before proceeding to next steps.

Resolve Frequent Wireless Disconnection Issues
  1. Check If you can see SSID

    If you are not seeing IEEE802.11 Networks on your laptop, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    My Laptop is Not Receiving Signals and Internet

  2. Make sure you have the right wireless key

    If you are entering the wrong key, you cannot connect. So make sure you have the correct key (Wireless network Authentication). It is also important to make sure, no one else has the key except only authorized connection users.

  3. Shift to WZC from other utilities

    If you are using different wireless utilities (eg: Dell utility) to manage your IEEE802.11 connections, you may stop it and start using WZC.
    How to start Wireless Zero Configuration ( WZC )

  4. Delete all preferred Networks and Refresh the list

    Clear all saved networks on your PC and refresh the wireless network list. Follow the steps provided in the link below for more details.
    WiFi Connection Troubleshooting step 1

  5. Unplug the WiFi Adapter and reconnect it

    If you are using a USB adapter, you may unplug the adapter and reconnect it.

  6. Steps to done on Access Point

    Following steps can be done only if you have access to the Access Point(AP) / Router. If you are doubting where there is no signal from a router or AP, follow the steps below.
    No SSID from Access Point and Router

    Other troubleshooting steps for frequent WiFi disconnection are:

  7. Changing the Wireless Channel to fix frequent disconnection

    Sometimes if there are some other signals using the same channel, you may face intermittent issues due to interference. So changing channel is a good choice.
    Change Channel to improve Signal Quality

  8. Change wireless security to fix frequent WiFi disconnection

    Sometimes your computer may not able to adjust with the security settings on your AP. So disable the IEEE802.11 protection enabled on AP and check for the issue.
    Change Security on your Router -WEP or WPA

  9. Change Wireless Network Name (SSID)

    If still face frequent disconnections occur on devices, you may need to change the name of WiFi network from the router. Following router tutorials will help to do it.

  10. Check MAC filter settings

    Wrong MAC filter settings on Router/Access Point can deny you from accessing IEEE802.11 network. Make sure MAC address of your WLAN NIC is allowed to join the WiFi.

I cannot say this tutorial has everything to resolve the issue. There are still many steps to research and fix the connectivity issue. Some of the left out tips are changing the broadcast type, reduce the beacon interval etc to fix this frequent wireless disconnection issue. However, I believe, most of the WiFi connectivity issues will be resolved by following the steps provided in this guide.

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  1. Thanks for your article. Actually my problem was the firewall, and I disabled it as you said and the wireless is fine.

  2. Anonymous12:59 AM

    My problem was the MAC filtering. I do not know how it happened. When I check MAC address of my main computer is enabled and all other MAC addresses are blacklisted. I just removed the blacklisting and my Laptop automatically connected to the Wireless network. Once again thanks.


  3. Anonymous1:03 AM

    I have a problem with my wireless adapter. It is some times not working and so frequent wireless disconnection. Any solution please

  4. Siju George1:04 AM

    To Fix any wireless adapter related issues, please follow the link below.

    Enable and troubleshoot wireless adapter

  5. Thanks. I have learned how to troubleshoot a wireless network for free....

  6. Hi im using asianet wifi modem,problem is Internet disconnects every 10-20 minutes after login and asks to reload the asianet default login page again and again for evry wireless device I connect plz do help to resolve this issue

  7. Hi Sreedath,

    It seems your browser session ends in every 10-20 minutes and the asianet logon page expires automatically. You may either check the browser settings or use the same browser (by opening new tabs ) to continue browsing. To learn more about Asianet broadband, I suggest you read the article.

  8. i have a teracom modem the issue is wifi connection when i connect a smartphone through wifi it shows me authentication error is occured. plz get me out from this problem


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