What and how to Fix Oops! Firefox could not find http

Oops! Firefox could not find http is an error message I am getting in my computer for the last few days. When I try to open in a link in new tab (Using Firefox browser), instead of showing the webpage, Firefox start showing a google page with the alert "Oops! Firefox could not find http". If I refresh the page multiple times, it will open the link. I got the same error with many websites with Firefox and when I am browsing via different browsers, it is not causing any issues. From the latest technical discussions about this issues, I think the possible reasons and solutions for this issue (Oops! Firefox could not find http ) are:

how to Fix  Oops! Firefox could not find a website and went to Google Search

Reasons for Oops! Firefox could not find http

Some of the reasons I found in various discussion forums and troubleshooting articles are:

1. Lower Memory and high number of Tabs opened

2. Malicious Program ( I read it as Google Virus )

3. May be DNS resolving issues

4. Security Programs stop Firefox from accessing website details

This issue mostly happen when multiple tabs are opened in your computer. Then if we try to open a new Firefox tab, it may prevent (low memory) Firefox from loading the details of the new webpage. So Firefox shows this error message instead of displaying the link. Another possibility I read is the presence of some malicious programs which affect major browsers like Firefox, IE etc. This programs stop Firefox from displaying websites and redirect firefox to Google Search with a notice Firefox could not find the website.

If the firewall installed in your computer block Firefox from accessing website details, it can cause this issue. Last possible reason is DNS failure. If your computer failed to resolve the DNS queries, Firefox couldn't find the web page. So DNS issue is also a possible reason.

Solution to Oops! Firefox could not find http

Possible steps to fix this issue are:

1. Close unwanted Firefox tabs

2. Make sure Firefox is white listed in Firewall settings

3. Assign Open DNS or Google DNS to your computer

To get more details about assigning Open DNS in your computer follow the links below.

How to assign Open DNS in Ubuntu Linux PC

Assign Google public DNS in your computer

4. It is better perform a full system virus scan

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