Prevent Displaying Recently Opened Programs in Windows Start Menu

One of the coolest features of Windows 7 is its ability to store recently opened programs in start menu without any external help. This facility is very much helpful for users who often use a set of applications on his PC. All those applications he uses regularly will be placed here and he will find no issues with finding these applications. However, certain users hate to see the recently used applications in the Start menu and want to prevent the recently executed programs from showing here. This tutorial explains how to stop this automatically storing of recently executed applications here.

Prevent Windows 7 from Storing Recently Opened Programs in Start Menu

  1. Right Click on the Start button and click properties

  2. Click on Start menu and uncheck both boxes

    After this, you should click on Apply and OK.

How Does It Work

Now let us check how does this procedure work? As we know, Microsoft Operating systems display the recently opened programs on Start menu by default, we have to change its properties and uncheck the option to Store and Display. Once we have unchecked the checkbox near this and save settings, you will not see the automatic inclusion of recently executed applications in the list.

For example, I have started a Microsoft game Chess Titans on my laptop and closed it. Before changing the Menu properties, once I closed this Microsoft game, it will start showing there. However, after unchecking the checkbox near "Store and Display recently opened programs", there is no display of "Chess Titans" in the menu.

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