Local Area Network (LAN) -CCNA Study Material

Local Area Network(LAN) is used to connect networking devices in a small area like an office or campus building. The media type used to connect devices in a Local Area Network(LAN) is Ethernet, FDDI, Token Ring etc. 

LAN helps to communicate between devices in a smaller area and improve the efficiency of working in an office. Let us consider common topologies used in Local Area Network because it is in CCNA Exam Syllabus.

 It is classified into the physical and logical topology. In Physical Topology, you can see how devices in a LAN are connected but in Logical Topology, we can see how these devices are communicating.

LAN Physical Topologies
  1. Point to Point

    Here two devices are connected without any interference from other devices. In this LAN topology, these two devices are connected and communicated. Wireless Bridge is a good example of Wireless Point to Point Topology.
    How to Configure Linksys WAP54G into Wireless Bridge Mode

  2. Bus T

    You can say it is an extension of Point to Point topology because in Bus topology all devices in LAN are connected to a single connection. Ethernet uses Bus topology.

  3. Ring

    If a Local Area Network has Ring Topology all devices are connected in a way to form a ring. It means PC 1 is connected to PC 2 and PC 2 is connected to PC 3 and the last PC is connected to PC 1. So it forms a ring structure. One example of LAN ring topology is FDDI.

  4. Star

    In start topology, all devices in a LAN are connected to the central device. An example is all the computers connected to a Switch.

LAN Logical Topologies
  1. Bus

    Ethernet is an example which is using logical bus structure to communicate devices connected. To learn more about Ethernet, visit the link below.
    Fundamentals of Ethernet

  2. Ring

    Token Ring is a good example which uses ring logical topology to communicate computers connected to the network.
Transport Layer Transmit failed Destination Net Unreachable
Destination host Enable Adapter Automatic IP Address
SMART Command Failed TTL Expired Ping Request
Netstat Command Internet ConnectionWAN
The medium of Transmission in LAN
  1. Twisted-pair wire

  2. Coaxial cables

  3. Fiber optic cables

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