Detect If Your Yahoo Messenger Chat Contact in Invisible Mode or Offline

Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular online chat platforms. Though they closed public chat room facility for some unknown reasons, still many users are using it. This article is about certain tools which can tell you the status of Yahoo Messenger chat contacts whether they are online, offline or invisible. If one user is in invisible mode, Yahoo shows he/she is offline but Yahoo Messenger invisible detector tools can easily tell you the contact is really offline or in invisible mode. So you can find whether the contact is actually doesn't willing to chat you. If the status checker tools tell the user is online and shows offline in your messenger, most probably that contact may block you. Some of the famous tools are,,,, etc. Here you can see how to check whether a Yahoo Chat Contact is in invisible mode.

  1. Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detector (ydetector) - Check YM user status

    YDetector is a free online tool which tells the status of a YM user ID. If the particular contact is in invisible mode this tool will tell us that user ID is invisible. The below is a screenshot of that tool.
    test offline

    If the particular User ID is really signed off it will be displayed as offline

    In the same way, this tool will tell whether the particular user is the available mode or busy mode. Link to this tool is:

  2. Check the status of YM user using Invisible

    Invisible is another interesting free tool available on the Internet. Using this tool too we can check the online status of particular YM ID.

    Link to this free tool is:

  3. Check the status of YM Contact using detectinvisible

    Another tool to check the status of Yahoo Messenger User is detectinvisible. The screenshot of an experiment is given below.

    This tool lets us save the avatar of the Yahoo contact we just checked. Link to this free tool is:

The tools showed above only work to check the online status of your Yahoo Messenger chat friend. It will show you whether your Yahoo Messenger chat friend is hidden to you or really offline. To check the status of your chat friend in Gtalk we have another method. To know that method click on the link below.
How to Check Someone is Hidden or Signed out in gtalk

Are you interested in finding the location of your Yahoo messenger chat friend in addition to detect the real status of him? If yes, you can find it by following the simple steps specified in the following link.
How to find the location of your IM Friend

It will be really nice to check the status of each Yahoo messenger ID where they are really offline or in hidden mode. Some of the hidden contacts might be actually busy and have no time for chatting but some might block you from seeing them. So these tools tell whether a particular friend has blocked you from seeing him if you carefully analyze the test result. There are so many other free tools available to find out the status of a particular user. Some of them are:







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  1. To hunter and Anonymous.

    I have updated the list with, and

    Thanks for your kind support.

  2. Wendy Weinbaum4:58 AM

    Is there any sort of Yahoo ID cross-reference, to link together all the Yahoo Messenger ID's that a given user may have?

  3. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Detect Yahoo Invisible users

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  5. Anonymous2:52 PM

    hi i cnt c any ov my frends whther dey r invisible or nt
    i tried evry link on my id making it invisible bt wen i chk it shws im offline
    wots dz???

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