How To Reset Microsoft Notepad To Default Settings

Microsoft Notepad is a default text writing tool you can find in Windows OS. Though it is very useful people don't give much importance to it if they have Microsoft Office installed on their PCs. Both Microsoft Office and Open Office tools offer many features but, they cannot replace Notepad. You learn its importance only at a time when you cannot use this program due to any reason. Same happened to me too.

Yesterday night one of my friends played his computer skills on various software products installed on my computer, and as a result, notepad failed to work properly.

He said he didn't remember what changes he made. At first, I thought it is not a big deal because a simple reset can restore the default settings.

I tried to reset the current configuration using the reset button. Sooner I found out that there was no such option. Now I learned the bitter truth there is no direct reset option in notepad.

The only way to reset Microsoft notepad is to delete any keys created in the registry.

Registry Edit to Reset Notepad Settings to Default
  1. Close Notepad if it is open

  2. Open Registry editor by typing regedit on Search or Run window

  3. Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER and select Software

  4. Click on Microsoft and select Notepad

  5. Delete all entries on the right-hand side column except the default key
    Cannot use

Now open the notepad and check if it is the default settings. I do not recommend the step for newbie computer users. So what steps can be done by newbie users and those who don't like registry editing? For those who do not want to use registry editing on their PCs, select the following options.
  • Font: Lucida Console (Consolas for Windows 8)

  • Font Style: Regular

  • Size: 10

Save the changes and check if you can see the program working fine. Here we have learned registry edit to reset previous configurations made on your laptop.

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Similarly, we can disable or enable many features on Windows using reg edit. To learn how to disable USB port, click on the link below.
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If you want to reset the old configuration you made on the notepad, you must access registry editor on your computer.

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What can you do if the reg editor is disabled on your computer?

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To enable reg editor on your PC click on the link below.
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