Configure Broadband Connection in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the widely distributed Operating systems based on Linux. It is a secure open-source OS with a simple interface. Today, I cover the topic of broadband connection configuration on an Ubuntu system.

This tutorial will help you fix broadband Internet connection problems with an Ubuntu computer. So, before you proceed, ensure you have the DNS address, IP address, Subnet Mask, and the Default Gateway from your Internet Service Provider.

You will get them from ISP.

Let us check how to configure a Broadband modem with an Ubuntu PC.

How to Set Up Broadband Connection in Ubuntu?

This procedure has two steps. The first step is to connect the PC to the broadband modem. The second step is to configure the broadband in Ubuntu.

  1. Connect The Modem to the PC

    Connect the Broadband modem to the Ubuntu PC with an ethernet cable. Ensure the modem's LAN port connects to the computer's Ethernet port.

    You will find an Ethernet cable in the modem box.

    Power on the modem and ensure the LED lights are steady. Each LED light represents a connection with the respective devices.

    Power, LAN, and Internet lights must be on.

    Example:- The Internet LED shows an active Internet connection. The first part is over. Now, we move to the second part.

  2. Manually Configure The Broadband In Ubuntu

    In this step, we add the values provided by the ISP to our Ubuntu device. So, it will access the broadband DSL connection.

    1. Loot at the right-top of the window. You can see a wired connection icon. Click on that.

      How to set up broadband connection in Ubuntu?

      {If you do not see a connection icon at the right top, open activities on the left top of the screen. Type wired connection.}

    2. Click on Wired Settings.

      PPPOE configuration in Ubuntu Linux
    3. You will reach the Ubuntu Network Settings window. You can see the wired network is off.

      How to configure the network

      Turn on the wired connection. You can toggle the ON and OFF buttons.

      How to enable Wired connection in Ubuntu?

      Click on the settings icon near the Wired Connection.

    4. Click on IPv4 from the top tabs.

      By default, Ubuntu selects the Automatic (DHCP) option. Change to Manual.

    5. You will see the network profile to type the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. It is the first field.

      How do I enable wired connection?

      Ubuntu uses the terms Address, Netmask, and Gateway. The address is the IP address provided by your ISP. Netmask is the Subnet Mask, and Gateway is the Default Gateway.

      On the second field, type the DNS addresses provided by the ISP (separate each DNS address with a comma).

    6. Once you have entered the details, press the Apply button.

That is it. You have configured a broadband connection on your Ubuntu computer. Now open a browser and enjoy browsing.

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