Why is My Internet Connection Very Slow?

Are you experiencing a slower Internet connection at your home or office? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. It is not shocking news that most Internet users get a slower connection speed than the actual speed promised by their Service Providers. In this article, we explore the reasons for it.

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Now let us continue our discussion. While looking for the reasons for a slower Internet connection, we cannot always blame our Internet Service Providers. ISPs may be providing us the speed they promised. But wrong settings from our side might slow down the connection.

Let us check the common reasons for a slower Internet connection.

10 Reasons For a Slower Internet Connection in 2022

  1. Number of Devices Sharing the Bandwidth
    You should check the number of active devices which share the Internet on your LAN. They all must be consuming the available bandwidth and slow down the broadband speed.

    Remedy: Disconnect unnecessary devices from your network.

  2. Distance between Your Device and the WiFi Router
    The distance between your device and the wireless hotspot can influence Internet speed. You will experience poor connectivity if your device (Mobile Phone, Laptop, Computer, etc..) is away from the wireless router.

    Remedy: Reduce the distance between the WiFi hotspot and your Device.

  3. Possible Wireless Interference
    If you are experiencing a slower Internet on a wireless device, you should check for possible interferences. Any wireless device using the same wavelength of the IEEE 802.11 standard can interfere with your WiFi connection.

    For example, a Microwave Oven can reduce the Internet speed on your Smartphone in the kitchen.

    Remedy: Turn off microwave devices near your WiFi hotspot.

  4. Physical Obstacles
    Physical obstacles can slow down wireless and mobile Internet speed. For example, a wall between your wireless Access Point and Laptop.

    The same reason explains why you are getting a slower connection on your Mobile device while sitting away from the window.

    Remedy: Sit near the window for a faster mobile Internet connection.

  5. Loose Network Connections
    If you have a wired network, a loose connection can result in a sudden slow Internet connection. If you see your home Internet suddenly slow, you should check for a possible loose connection.

    You can fix it by yourself.

    First, disconnect the Ethernet and power cables from the modem, router, and computer. Clean the cables and reconnect.

  6. Background Applications Consuming the Bandwidth
    One of the major reasons for a slower Internet speed on Android smartphones is the bandwidth consumption of background apps. Many Android Apps send and receive data in the background even if you are not using them.

    Remedy: Terminate unnecessary background apps.

  7. Wrong Network Adapter Settings
    Wrong network adapter (NIC) settings or a corrupted driver can affect the connection speed. You can fix this problem by resetting the Network Adapter.

    Follow the steps below.

    • Right-click the Network Connection icon on the right side bottom of the window
    • Click on "Open Network & Internet Settings"
    • Click on Network Troubleshooter

    Windows will automatically check for the issue and fix it.

  8. Slower ISP DNS Server
    Another common reason for a slower upload and download speed is a slower DNS server of your ISP. You can fix this by changing the default DNS server of your computer to either Google DNS or Open DNS servers.

    I have an article that explains the whole process. You can see that article by visiting the link below.

    How to Assign Google DNS server?

  9. Possible Malware Infection
    Network worms are the major malware programs that consume a lot of your Internet bandwidth. It can spread from an infected device to other devices connected to your network.

    We recommend you scan the devices in your network periodically with a reputable malware remover.

    Remedy: Scan your Device with a malware remover.

  10. Active Torrent Applications
    If you see a sudden drop in Internet speed at night, we recommend you check for torrent applications installed on your device. Torrent applications consume a lot of network bandwidth for uploading and downloading files.

    Remedy: Terminate the Torrent Applications

We covered the top ten reasons for a slower Internet connection in 2022. If you are experiencing a slower connection even after completing this guide, it is time to contact your ISP and ask them to fix it.


  1. internet connection problems have three reasons such as Virus Infected Computer, Overloaded Hard Disk, Excessive Cookies and Files and Browsing History.

    Check Internet Speed

  2. I am a braodband engineer and the majority of slow speed issues are down to internal wiring within the house. If you have numerous phone extension this will seriously degrade your internet speed. For best speed always connect router to main socket and disconnect all extensions. I've had 5x speed increase just by doing this one thing.

  3. Thanks for your comments.

  4. itseas2:51 AM

    Very good post fro single user. If we are using our internet with WiFi WAN with three users then what could be the possibilities of slower internet? Please share your experience.

  5. If you share the same connection with additional three more users, it will cause sharing of bandwidth and you may experience speed reduction.

  6. Hi There. Thanks for the post. I've just recently moved to Ho Chi Minh and signed up for a 15mbps connection. While its great for local sites, youtube, facebook etc are megga slow. Is this cable issue at fault?
    Any tips for increasing speed.

  7. Hi John,

    15mbps is a fast connection and I do not think you should face slower loading of youtube or facebook. Please ensure your firewall settings are configured properly. If you still find the same problem, I suggest you to contact your ISP and ask the reason for it. BTW are you facing the issue in just one computer or in all computer connecte3d to the network ?


    Thanks for your comment


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