Slow Internet Connection - Reasons and Solutions: Troubleshooting Steps

Many times we may face slower Internet connection issues and not getting the Internet speed which offered by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). There might be many reasons behind this other than the ISP issues. Most of the time you may get the actual speed promised by your ISP but some faulty settings in your network or programs running on your computer may waste your bandwidth. So here I am writing a step by step guide to troubleshooting slower Internet connection issues.

Troubleshoot Slower Internet Connection Issue

Follow the steps below to find the actual reasons behind slower Internet Speed.

1. Check Internet Speed by your ISP
The first step is to check whether you are getting decent Internet speed from your Internet Service Provider. To check the Internet speed we have many free tools available. To know better click on the link below.

Check your Internet Connection Speed

Power Cycle the Network

Most of the slow Internet Connection Issues will be fixed after doing a perfect power cycle on your network. To know more about it click on the link below.

How to Perform Power Cycle

Check Internet programs running on your computer

If your ISP is providing you with the right speed, the next step is to check if there any Internet programs running on your computer. Programs like torrents can consume a lot of your Internet bandwidth. If any such programs are running on your computer, stop
it. Also, check whether any programs are downloading their latest version or not. Close all the Internet applications and check your Internet speed again.

You can install TCP optimizer to improve your Internet speed a little bit more. To know more about this click on the link below.

Improve your Internet Connection Speed

Check your Network devices and connections

Maybe your Internet cable is so old and cannot transmit signal properly or your modem, router, Ethernet cables are old or not properly connected, the same issue will happen. Verify your network settings and connections and make sure there is no
issues with this.

Check connectivity issues in your network

Possible Malware infection on your computer

Network worms are the major malware programs which consume a lot of your Internet bandwidth. If your network is infected with network worms you should immediately remove those infections to regain your actual network bandwidth.

Too many computers in your network including wireless connections

The number of computers in your network is also an important factor. If too many computers are connected to your network, it can reduce the Internet speed to your computer. Total Internet bandwidth will be shared among all the connected computers. Also, make sure that wireless is disabled on your router /modem when you are not using it. To know tips to save your wireless network from intruders click on the link below.

Protect wireless network from hackers

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  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    You can check internet speed by using Just go to the site and type speedtest: in the search box and get it done.

  2. For affordable pc optimization visit:

  3. internet connection problems have three reasons such as Virus Infected Computer, Overloaded Hard Disk, Excessive Cookies and Files and Browsing History.

    Check Internet Speed

  4. I am a braodband engineer and the majority of slow speed issues are down to internal wiring within the house. If you have numerous phone extension this will seriously degrade your internet speed. For best speed always connect router to main socket and disconnect all extensions. I've had 5x speed increase just by doing this one thing.

  5. Thanks for your comments.

  6. itseas2:51 AM

    Very good post fro single user. If we are using our internet with WiFi WAN with three users then what could be the possibilities of slower internet? Please share your experience.

  7. If you share the same connection with additional three more users, it will cause sharing of bandwidth and you may experience speed reduction.

  8. Thanks for the information

  9. Hi There. Thanks for the post. I've just recently moved to Ho Chi Minh and signed up for a 15mbps connection. While its great for local sites, youtube, facebook etc are megga slow. Is this cable issue at fault?
    Any tips for increasing speed.

  10. Hi John,

    15mbps is a fast connection and I do not think you should face slower loading of youtube or facebook. Please ensure your firewall settings are configured properly. If you still find the same problem, I suggest you to contact your ISP and ask the reason for it. BTW are you facing the issue in just one computer or in all computer connecte3d to the network ?


    Thanks for your comment


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